Friday, 6 May 2011

अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन ( Akhil Bharatiya Adhikar sangathan)

Once every Indian was enamoured by the fact that India used to be a “ Golden Bird” but today he is disenchanted with this, in spite of knowing the fact why India lost the legacy of being called ‘Golden Bird’, every Indian takes pride in leading a life of animal instead of doing anything concrete to gain back its lost status. Every year we celebraterate 26th January and 15 august as ceremonies and rituals only and create a mockery of one of the biggest democracy of the world after USA. We Indians never thought to maintain a balance between our natural resources and strength of population. Today we are more than one billion leaving behind China which used to be one of the most populous nations of the world. Due to imbalance between natural resources and population our nation became a nation of hunger, unemployment, weakness and diseases and our ‘Mother India’ became the Mother of hungry, unemployed, necked, diseased and distressed Indians, instead of being a mother of healthy & prosperous Indians. Our national leaders never try to save the image of our ‘Mother India’ as growing population. only serves their selfish interests of casteism, regionalism and strengthens their vote banks. We Indians are living in the utopian world of freedom, liberty and democracy. We never realize the value of our precious votes and its casting rights. What it has given to us? Only false consolations regarding progress of nation and false promises to Indians Where is electricity, food, public transport, roads and health services for common Indians? We need not tell what our leaders are doing for the nation and its people? We have to think how much respect our national leaders have given to our sacred Constitution and its ideals? We have created plethora of Laws but could not solve the problem of our nation. We have dowry prohibition Act, 1961 but daily thousands of women are sacrificed on the alter of dowry, we can not secure the lives of our women and girl children. who are killed in the womb of the mother, in spite of heaving Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse)Act, 1994. Today we have realised the futility of judicial administration and we have no faith in our police system.
 Come and join hands with AIRO and be a true Indian.

with regards
Dr Alok Chantia


  1. ham bhi is se judna chahege dr alok ji

  2. Dear Dr. Alok: The root cause of all problems is the lack of awareness among the people of the country about their rights in a democratic state. The people blame the government, the judiciay and other systems being unaware that these have been created very much by the people elected/selected by them. People of the country have the least concern about their identity as an individual. Once the indiviudals understand their importance, their role in forming the various systems all the problems will gradually vanish and we shall have a better country to live in.