Monday, 28 May 2012



invisible steps made ,
all of us to come,
in this world through womb,
and these steps are not,
reflection of one or two days,
journey of any creature,
which is necessary to take ,
but after the darkness ,
and silence zone journey
you come away from,
as victim of circumstances,
while you are witnessed of ,
so many instances,
as i feel you all keep eyes close
even don't inhale by nose,
and wait to complete the way,
of prolonged miles ,
which may give you a smile,
all will have also as length of Nile,
but when you , me face the sun,
we start a run ,
to cross our childhood ,
to sustain for livelihood,
this may come by taking,
a step every day
and you may feel a ray ,
which is not only your foot step
but it starts when you get up,
and think about your ability,
then try to get an quality ,
when ever you do any action,
mind may take a step in fraction,
it may be good , it may be wrong
but step always gives result,
which may create different cult,
, you may say steps of foot
which is noting but for food ,
steps should be for enlightenment,
and generates an entertainment ,
steps should be taken for moral ,
it may keep away you for any fall,
steps come when you act with others,
but it should like as sisters and brothers,
you have to go before you sleep ,
and steps are the only solution ,
when you again peep ,
steps get victory in mountain,
steps dip in fountain ,
steps measure depth of ocean ,
and whatever in your notion ,
i am also trying to make steps ,
in the heart of time ,
which may generate a rhyme ,
because steps is not only imagination,
it is a way of life as creation


तमस से निकलने का रास्ता ढूंढा सबने ,
नींद  कहकर आँख बंद कर ली सबने ,
कहने की  जरूरत आलोक का मतलब ,
जीवन कह कर कर्म किया फिर सबने ........................अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन का नमन और सुप्रभात

don't go away

where are you going ,
what are you showing ,
am i fool ,
are you feel cool,
how could you keep mum,
how much relation we sum,
it was not a play,
now you broke it as clay ,
you will have to sit,
and define relation what fit,
why are all weeping ,
because you are sleeping,
till without gap eternity,
whats our fraternity ,
i don't know anything ,
just tell me that promise ,
which you had done then,
what was that only fun,
was it your choice ,
who would taste first pious ,
i can't sustain alone ,
don't make any tone ,
which is making away ,
from our tie which we made ,
you are not only great ,
or i came on freight,
for your amusement ,
and now it is punishment ,
when you are going ,
on the help of shoulders,
and i am becoming folders,
aloof , a lot on this time ,
how could inhale any rhyme ,
if it was final judgement ,
you used me as entertainment ,
if God decides relation ,
why he is making it passion,
to isolate those who together ,
like rain in winter weather ,
where is the story of soul,
where is feeling and role ,
every step i was with you,
why are you creating this new,
I am seeing you ,
but you have indefinite hate,
so keep your eyes close ,
and making my fate ,
lo people are taking away,
you from  that room,
where we spent many ,
stories of romance,
we sketched many
dreams and dance,
today i will sleep here alone,
you will not attain this zone,
you are a cheater ,
you are very much calculator ,
you understood the role ,
and love of creator ,
and made an affinity,
to attain that divinity,
but it is not good step,
and you behave like step ,
when you had told for relation,
in every odd and even situation,
you should stop again at station,
where I remain in your wait,
please postpone this date ,
please don't go  out ,
other wise i will shout
 stop stop stop stop ,
it is my last pray ,
please don't go away
please don't go away


life gets cultural view,
and lives as biological few,
cats and dogs still,
live on the nature ,
and tag them selves as creature ,
but human being is not ready,
to accept this level,
he wants to lead steady ,
and continuous current of culture,
where he represents himself,
a creator of self,
but man made thing ,
how much stable is here,
when we are unstable while,
God is made  everything rare,
but he is fair ,
and he does every care ,
one day you after becoming ,
a pseudo creator of this world,
you try to accumulate ,
but it is not an easy task,
you come under ask,
because time is fleeting,
work is long,
you and me don't know ,
what is right or wrong   ,
and when don't able to complete ,
your scheduled work ,
you always feel a jerk ,
that is nothing but anxiety ,
when you try to be omnipresent,
and get in hand only insufficient ,
way of life as definition of culture ,
and one day you be creator of anxiety,
which was not will of God but your priority

Sunday, 27 May 2012

life never comes twice

when you want to ,
come to this world,
but it is also heard,
that some one else ,
decides to fulfill your desire ,
it makes very tire ,
but after having your feeling,
in mind every second,
she makes a passage grand ,
and you get your awaited ,
journey to this blue planet ,
where life is like coconut  ,
you should be overwhelmed ,
to your beloved mother ,
who too every pain,
to every pain to see you ,
this world away from heaven ,
which is not not even ,
but you after visit this tour ,
you forget life has day four,
you take it as picnic,
and gradually it becomes panic,
after running on breath's road  ,
you never think about erode ,
and when pocket gets empty,
you feel pettiness,
but nothing gets your hand,
except again that Disney world  ,
from where you had came ,
and took life a name ,
try to understand that sacrifice ,
which had decided to act nice ,
and you became witness of earth,
so why are you loosing your worth,
when you also know that ,
life may come again and again,
but in which form how you can ,
breath and soul are encompassed ,
with the cover of this body ,
which will never be ready,
to give you same name and shape,
and it will create a gap ,
because of your carelessness,
life is approaching its end,
but like scarcity of water ,
day by day on this earth ,
try to manage your life ,
and proves its worth ,
life never repeats itself ,
and never comes self,
it depends on others,
who may think further ,
so if you come again here,
it may be a fear,
whether you would have ,
same relation and  passion,  ,
same face , trace , grace , fashion
how will you tell you about rebirth ,
it is matter of dearth ,
and to keep away from this anxiety
do some thing good and pretty,
in this present life and birth ,
to avoid any castle in the air ,
because life never comes twice ,
decide how will you act it's rise

garmi ka sabab

चिलकती जिन्दगी का साथ पूरब देगी ,
दहकती सड़के फिर कदमो के साथ होगी ,
पर हौसला देखिये इन साँसों का आलोक ,
शाम से पहले घरो में न रु बरु कभी होगी .........................आप सभी अपना ध्यान रखिये क्योकि सुबह का सूरज भी अपने भाव पर है , सिर्फ एक दाना हरी मिर्च का दाना खाकर निकालिए और रहिये  पूरे दिन दिन लू से दूर ................सुप्रभात | अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन


किलकती जिन्दगी में बिलखती आरजू ,
मैंने अक्सर साँसों को कहते देखा है ,
आसमान छू लेने की तमन्ना करते कदम ,
मैंने ख्वाबो में कितनो को उड़ते देखा है |.................अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन आपके साथ हकीकत की धरती पर अपने को साबित करने के लिए करने को तत्पर ...........शुभ रात्रि


You are my dear,
I am here,
you are there,
Don't have fear,
Be cheer,
enjoy and celebrate ,
every moment
year to year,
without any gear ,
life is not mine,
take it as wine ,
it gives sensation,
when you feel passion,
when i see you,
you see me ,
and I bow on knee,
to say I love you ,
how you feel new,
in your heart ,
a splendid fault ,
you want to dance ,
it is romance ,
with wind and rain,
to day only you know ,
what you gain ,
it is a man in man ,
which makes you insane ,
that is why you are ,
in deep sorrow ,
when you don't find ,
in front of your eyes,
and mind cries ,
i am here ,
you are where,
come and and see,
under that tree ,
where, we met first time ,
life had became a rhyme ,
but today you are very far,
life is way from nectar ,
come and minimize ,
our distance from zero ,
o my life hero ,
i am waiting of you ,
breathes are few ,
why do you not understand ,
we are not only friend ,
two body one soul ,
try to create a story ,
as seed and ground together  ,
prove a contemporary,
come and be one ,
life is not my fun ,
you are there
 i am here,
but now it is not fair ,
limit should be delimit ,
we should together submit ,
for life and love ,
for breath and pulse ,
for death and cremation,
away from every fashion,
because we feel each other ,
now should not be away further ,
i don't want to be here ,
if you want to be there,

Saturday, 26 May 2012


This earth is not empty ,
as your heart ,
you want reaction ,
but earth does only action,
that is why you,
feel emptiness seldom,
and earth creates kingdom,
when you feel emptiness,
in your life ,
tears feel this efficiently,
and eyes wet promptly,
world says weeping ,
and it tries keeping ,
a consolation before you ,
but how many know this ,
that tear knows the emptiness,
of my life in eyes
and these ready to sacrifice ,
it is a beautiful price ,
which you unable to understand ,
it is marketing of empty brand ,
whenever you see empty vessel ,
you try to fill it in hassle ,
when air feels emptiness,
it makes an act as prettiness,
a storm comes with full swing ,
and empty escapes its wing ,
when you go to heaven,
and leave an emptiness behind,
i try to make remember you ,
by putting your photo new ,
you hang in my room all the time ,
and life becomes as rhyme ,
do you feel also an emptiness,
rush to catch this greatness,
you are going to feel all fact,
because empty tell all tact ,
room may be empty without me ,
but wind will tell presence of me
if you are away from empty,
how could you know life pretty ........




if you feel distance ,
from your beloved ,
it is an indication of ,
repulsion as two atoms
feel when they come ,
near beyond the limit ,
so if you are worried ,
about such distance ,
don't get worried,
because if you know ,
your intimate zone ,
you can give tone ,
to your relation again ,
so keep away from pain
distance increases attraction,
when you get attention ,
and you write letter ,
it is not better,
it gives you consolation,
when you are in isolation,
distance makes an environment ,
to sleep with dream .
your beloved comes in theme,
the whole day you enjoy,
and burns distance alloy ,
distance is a pain,
when you don't have option,
to revive your relation in inception ,
but a place where distance is indefinite ,
and you have to imagine infinite ,
because life sits in the lap of death,
and distance never finds any birth ,
you ignite as hearth,
no one could help you ,
this distance is not new ,
every one has to travel .
it is irreversible distance ,
which has no maintenance ,
you live with only memory,
it is ultimate distance story .

Thursday, 24 May 2012


every body knows this fact,
where sun rises ,
that empire is east,
a brave ruler of this world ,
which decides the time ,
and fate of the light,
some times east comes cool,
sometimes it rules ,
sun shines without cloud,
but some day cloud wins
and east feels sin ,
east makes sounds of,
creatures and opens ,
eyes after a long sleep,
kids try to peep,
east has also contrast,
when it sees sun in the lap ,
of west for a while rest,
but it proves again,
for the other side of the globe ,
and west becomes east ,
and the world feel as feast ,
are you able to search east
when you live in the other,
part of the globe which
makes west as east ,
when a lover puts head,
in the lap of his girl friend,
and get a complete rest ,
sun makes a definition best ,
where it as lover resides in,
the lap of the east ,
and it looses its hotness,
and becomes reddish,
how cute love sluggish ,
east or west is an illusion,
actually it is a confusion,
the whole world is free from,
east or the west ,
sun shines at one place,
and darkness be in rest ,
where you see the meaning of rise,
you want to say it as east ,
which puts an idea as priest ,
decides the start of a work ,
east also makes a pace ,
in the morning on the face ,
as a blossom comes ,
after seeing the lover ,
and you want to be discover ,
as east puts off its cover,
after the dark night,
when it finds the Sun ,
and a movement right
do you want to see east,
or you are facing as east

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

jivan ka prajatantr

कल देश की जनता क जैसे पता चला कि पेट्रोल के दामो में वृद्धि हो रही है , मनो वो पागल हो उठा , सारे पेट्रोल पम्प गाडियो से भर गए , अब जरा आप सोचिये कि एक मोटर साइकिल में कितना पेट्रोल आता है ????????? ५ लीटर यानि कल अगर उसने जल्दी से पूरी टंकी भी फुल करा ली तो कितना पैसा बचा करीब ४०   रूपया या फिर सही सही ३९.७० रुपये | एक दिन अगर एक भारतीय ४० रुपये बचने के लिए पागल हो उठा तो सोचिये साल साल दर साल पेट्रोल  की कीमतों ने उसको कितना तोडा होगा और एक बेबस सा प्रजातंत्र में जीने वाला भारतीय कितने बोझ के साथ जी रहा होगा ...........पर आप के पास समय कहा है सोचने के लिए ??????? सोचने के लिए ही आपने लोगो को बैठाया था तो रोज आपको गरीबी के करीब ले जा रहे है .....जागिये और इस व्यवस्था के खिलाफ सच की आवाज़ बनिये .......अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन ............


A blind smell you ,
what is around new ,
he learns each and ,
every moment by ,
his virtue of smell,
while no one tells ,
sometime girl friend ,
plays a blind game,
but your ear catches,
her smell as tame ,
just search that minute,
when your hand smell,
presence of your beloved,
and you don't want to ,
watch what is evolved,
but whatever you encompass,
make a better time pass,
it is nothing but
a matter of touch ,
which has case history of ,
your spent time with her ,
and that smell is still,
in your heart
which you decipher,
do you know that instance ,
or you have any past ,
when your eyes witnessed,
for the shades of that person,
who was close to you ,
and today he is standing,
away from you but,
his smell tells a story,
through your eyes,
which will pay price ,
smell makes introduction,
which generates induction,
and a pet sits on your feet,
perhaps it is matter of greets ,
when a wolf, loin , having ,
smell of you and leaves you ,
when you are in the cave or jungle ,
it is not less than a jingle ,
smell is a natural source of
relation apart from culture ,
when a new born knows his ,
mother or father as aperture ,
smell tells you all variety ,
of edibles and preparation,
now it is up to to you ,
how to choose among variation ,
smell could make allergy,
or it can give you energy ,
you may feel giddiness,
or it makes you prettiness,
so decide what you like ,
and demand from smell ,
because you may fall ill ,
or it will make you well
it is all about smell


when you suffer
from fever or ,
any ailment ,
and you visit ,
a clinic for ,
Doctor's treatment ,
as Doctor touches,
your wrist or ,
checkup your stomach,
and administer a pill,
his touch makes you ,
healthier and fresh ,
when a child weeps ,
loudly and loudly,
no one gets able ,
to keep him silent ,
at that moment ,
the touch of mother ,
only gives him console ,
and we understand ,
touch and its role
touch is a generator   ,
of enormous relations,
and you get a passion ,
when your feet touch the earth ,
you feel satisfy ,
and your base gets worth ,,
touch makes you patriotic ,
touch gives an idea about ,
hot and cool ,
you can access easily ,
wise and fool ,
touch is not a sensation ,
it makes also frustration,
sometimes touch makes hate ,
you don't like such fate ,
and want to be away from it ,
because touch creates memory ,
and mind writes memoir,
which gives ultimate a pain ,
which no one wants to gain ,
again and again,
that is why one  keeps away,
from this ugly touch,
apart from this fact ,
touch makes much


All are walls ,
east , west ,
north , south ,
make a meaning,
of this earth ,
do you feel ,
of these any worth ,
how are we free,
always , everywhere,
but how could we sustain,
without any armour ,
alike other creatures,
we all have weak features ,
without having any way,
man started to walk ,
and in course of time ,
life sang a rhyme ,
path came in existence ,
and we moved as followers ,
at the end of path ,
again we felt  safety ,
because we could sleep out side,
night was with night mare ,
God was not fair ,
he has to  care ,
and all are wondering,
for food , sex , protection,
for it no one has affection,
because almighty has no wall,
everyone has to sustain on fate ,
death is ultimately that gate ,
which may come anytime ,
so we has made wall ,
four walls together ,
and makes a room ,
where we all are not only safe ,
but also wall gives acceleration,
for dream , for rest,
wall makes life as the best ,
when you are very sure ,
to welcome the sun ,,
which is uncertain for rabbit ,
who is loin's eating habit ,
puppies are not safe ,
without having walls,
but your baby smiles ,
after surrounded by tiles ,
wall ensures your food  ,
when kitchen cooks ,
and all are going healthy ,
when wall increases your looks ,



Monday, 21 May 2012


when I feel ,
after loosing my zeal ,
why i am here,
who takes my care,
everyone wants a layer,
always does a prayer ,
God bless me forever,
but no word comes for other,
it is not a simple way,
everybody stands in fray ,
when you in this world,
all have heard,
nothing was in your hand
only a handful desire grand ,
you open your hand ,
as you grow,
life runs fast and fast
as flies crow ,
some times happiness,
knocks your heart,
sometimes sadness,
tells your fault ,
mind peeps out seldom,
when i make my kingdom,
if it not comes real,
and life becomes cruel ,
you feel nothing is for me ,
and you bow your knee,
cry and shout ,
as in pain of gout
why , why it happens
only with me my lord,
does anything good ,
or my fate cut by sward ,
room becomes as black hole ,
life creates vacuum in whole ,
darkness blows in light ,
fate escapes after fight ,
sleeping is away from door,
breath wants time more,
but this feeling aggravate,
again and again ,
no one for me and ,
me only for slain ,
one day this thought,
becomes mature ,
and life hangs itself,
not take any lore ,
nothing has a philosophy,
which is away from fallacy,
if nothing is coming,
death is becoming


child is the father ,
of man,
child is the incarnation ,
of God ,
child is daily inside ,
the drainage ,
because Goddess ,
lives always at edge ,
child has more option,
he never likes cooperation ,
he is possessive,
child is decisive
child takes birth,
as cipher,
but has option,
of decipher ,
child never likes ,
anyone captures,
the lap of mother ,
he weeps ,
he continuous cries
he becomes angry further ,
he wants whatever,
he sees,
he doesn't care,
 if pocket  frees  ,
child tries to catch ,
moon in the sky,
he takes effort ,
whatever is high,
child takes risk ,
which he sees frisk ,
naughty is a good ,
phrase for the child ,
other than man ,
his action is not mild ,
child is a hope ,
for tomorrow,
child is a rope ,
to get rid of sorrow ,
child is the meaning ,
of a family ,
marriage makes it
very good seemly ,
child is a carrier,
of culture,
we all try to make ,
this sculpture ,
marriage, family ,
kinship all become true,
when a child comes,
and life appears  blue




Sunday, 20 May 2012


if you will try to know ,
the meaning of life,
if you think that ,
how did you come ,
on this earth ,
why is life only ,
makes its worth ,
on this blue planet only,
is it man prudent solely,
what is God ,
where does he/she lives,
where we can  dip ,
with this metaphysical world,
have you heard ,
any thing about dream ,
where ghost resides ,
where soul hides ,
why do we come here,
what is the life of there,
is it natural fear ,
or natural is cheer ,
how will you identify tear,
some times its for joy ,
some times for grief,
questions are many ,
it comes as rainy
question is itself a question,
why it comes in mind ,
how could it find ,
a better response ,
have you any grievance ,
just put it in your mind ,
and try to it bind ,
and suddenly you will get ,
a question like jet ,
and it takes its motion
for making so many notions ,
and finally you get relaxed ,
because question remains,
in your domain ,
why should we think ,
why any thing blinks,
why do we sleep  everyday ,
why do we face Monday or Friday,
after death where we will go ,
how long is it row ,
question is always immortal ,
as almighty or God ,
we live or not live ,
this world will remain with questions
how we get rid of these questions a






Truth is itself,
a kind of false,
which you imagine,
as truth for some time ,
it was a truth that,
sun was revolved ,
around the earth,
and all believed it ,
as a truth but,
it became a false ,
you may also say ,
that sky is blue,
and no one can deny ,
in general practice ,
but truth is far behind,
we all celebrate birthday
but it is celebration of,
death which starts ,
its passage as life ,
do we lead really
a truth in birthday,
how can we say ,
earth has no colour ,
but it is blue planet ,
do you believe on it ,
we are human being ,
and ultimate creation ,
of this earth but,
as a disaster God,
what he has left behind,
only an imbalance ,
of nature after being ,
a false creature ,
truth is  comparative,
we make it descriptive 
because it is lucrative ,
it leads life ,
as proves a mobility ,
and creates an ability,
among all who think,
that life shrinks ,
False is always the ,
biggest truth ever seen ,
on this globe,
could you have any probe ,
that you can prove ,
life is immortal ,
have you seen God ,
did you smell Haven ,
do you know the pain of hell,
but all these false give ,
acceleration in action  ,
and we get motion,
of every kind ,
but do you find ,
any repulsion anywhere,
this false creates everywhere,
temple, church , mosque,
are unbelievable gift ,
of this prevailing false ,
that truth is other than false  

Saturday, 19 May 2012

right to life

Decades after enacting a legislation to prevent atrocities against the Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes through the SCs/STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, and the SCs/STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Rules, 1995, the picture continues to remain quite grim, according to a civil society report.
The report on the “Status of Implementation of SCs and STs [Prevention of Atrocities] Act 1989 and Rules 1995” reveals that there has been substantial increase in cases of violence against SCs and STs.
Released by Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, the first Dalit Chief Justice of India, here on Thursday, the report highlights loopholes in the implementation of the Act and argues that it has not been able to check atrocities against Dalits and Adivasis in an effective manner.
Prepared after collecting evidences by visiting the places of incidents and talking to victims across the country, the study says “to begin with first the cases of violence against SCs/STs are not registered” and even in those that are registered the conviction rate is quite low. “At least one-fourth of the cases have been disposed of at the investigation stage itself by the police and these complaints have been referred to as ‘mistake of fact,” adds the report which was prepared by the National Coalition for Strengthening SCs & STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act
The report which explains in details the trends and nature of discrimination and atrocities against SCs/STs over the years, recommends that “a high-level committee should be appointed to review implementation of the Act and the Rules in all the States”.
While expressing disappointment over the States' failure to check crimes against Dalits and Adivasis, Justice Balakrishnan favoured the reports' recommendation that “exclusive special courts with powers to take cognizance of the offences under the Act should be set up and special public prosecutors for speedy trials of cases registered under the Act should be appointed”.
According to the report crime rate against SCs has increased from 2.6 per cent in 2007 to 2.8 per cent in 2010. In 2010, Uttar Pradesh accounted for 19.2 per cent of the total crimes against SCs (6,272 out of 32,712) in the country. In the same year, Rajasthan reported the highest rate of crimes (7.4 per cent) against SCs compared to the national average of 2.9 per cent.
According to the report, the number of crimes against STs drastically increased in 2010 to 5,885 cases and murder cases of STs alone totalled 142.
When it comes to registration of atrocity cases, the report says “police resort to various machinations to discourage SCs/STs from registering cases, to dilute the seriousness of the violence, and to shield the accused persons from arrest and prosecution. FIRs are often registered under the PCR Act and IPC provisions, which attract lesser punishment than PoA Act provisions for the same offence.”
At national level, only 11,682 (34.2 per cent) out of 34,127 atrocity cases were registered under PoA Act in 2010.
Of all the cases registered in 2010 investigation was completed only for 37,558 cases of the total of 51,782 cases. Charge sheets were submitted only for 26,480 cases (51 per cent) because of which even by the year end, around 14,092 cases remained pending for investigation.
In 2010, of the 16,601 cases registered across the country under PoA Act for atrocities against SCs, the police closed almost 2,150 cases (13 per cent) in 2010. Meanwhile, of the 1,714 registered cases of atrocities against STs, 223 (13 per cent) were closed.
The report says that with 101,251 cases of crimes against SCs/STs (80 per cent) pending for trial by the end of 2010, no significant improvement was seen in the trial pendency rate (82.5 per cent) at the end of 2011.


What is my name,
is it under the ,
frame of fame or,
still in sane ,
you and me ,
he and she ,
I and  my ,
all are thinking ,
why names are shrinking ,
since the time of birth,
we always try to keep,
a name of biological man,
not only a name ,
but also a surname ,
which will our social code,
give a recognition on the road,
we feel satisfy ,
and don't try to cry ,
because in this mortal ,
world when our remain ,
will not be remain but
our name will be retain,
in the form of our children,
who tell my name as father,
seldom as mother
and we see from the sky,
name is still high
in the society ,
it is as high as almighty ,
but all sides of room ,
will not be same ,
sometimes we feel,
ashamed and guilty ,
when name becomes dirty,
by own work or ,
by the work of your ward,
some times you take it soft,
and some times take as hard,
name continues only two or ,
three generations merely ,
i will not be wrong if,
you think just fairly ,
so name is a desire
which lit the fire ,
in mind and act too,
and we make our lives ,
lie animal zoo,
name is only an identity,
which lows your anxiety  ,
and every where you
naturally get a priority
because you are living with name ,
which makes you religious,
Hindu, Muslim christian ,
which makes you caste ,
which makes you country man ,
name decides you cremation ,
name clears your celebration,
name is every thing  ,
name is present
name is future ,
name creates many features ,
name gives the feeling of east,
it makes a sense of west ,
when we take rest,
name generates mobility,
and name makes partiality ,
name is relative ,
but it wants to be absolute,
that is why name one day ,
becomes an institute ,
name gets seat
but it also defeats ,
and wants to retain for eternity,
because name generates affinity,
and when it looses its shade,
and getting everyday fade ,
name becomes hopeless,
and it acquires loneliness,,
now name and fame both,
are going in dark,
nothing is true  and stark ,
name is an illusion ,
name is a confusion ,
name is only smoothness of life ,
which minimizes many hurdles ,
on the path of action ,
and you be happy not n fraction

Wednesday, 16 May 2012




thousands of planets,
millions of stars,
are in quest of life ,
except this blue planet,
do you now why ,
because it is believed,
that life has come here,
through the sky ,
it is a matter of penetration ,
which gave demonstration,
of life except all planets,
without penetrating the earth
seed cant prove its worth,
it grows after that ,
what everybody feels exact,
penetration is a base
which makes a race ,
every time everywhere,
on the wall , in the sphere,
depth of penetration ,
depends upon education,
what we demand ,
crop, flower, plant or tree,
we dig accordingly,
and get result prudently,
don't hurt at any cost ,
it is brutal and frost ,
penetration makes ,
always a wound,
which leaves a spot ,
and a history ground ,
a star is waiting ,
to increase its rating ,
by the penetration
and wants to be as globe ,
not to take amusement ,
not to be as slob,
who does not want life ,
who does not encompass wife ,
but all these may come ,
you can increase happiness sum ,
by the process of softness,
not a way of harshness,
penetration is unavoidable ,
make it always available
do it after being humble,
avoid it as crumble ,

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

satya mev jyatey

सत्यमेव जयते का मतलब होता है सत्य की ही जीत होती है और जिन तथ्यों को आमिर खान दिखा रहे है वह सिर्फ दिखा कर लोगो को आकर्षित कर रहे है \ खुद अपने जीवन में दो औरत लाकर कर मुस्लमान बन जाते है | क्या उस समय उनको याद नही आता कि वह धर्म से ऊपर पहले एक भारतीय है और औरत का सम्मान होना चाहिए , यही नही उनको पुरे भारत में उस कार्यकर्म को दिखाना चाहिए जिनको उनके पतिओ ने छोड़ दिया और अब वे किस हाल में है और उनके बच्चे कैसे है ? पर इसको आमिर नही उठाएंगे क्यों कि उन्हें इससे क्या मतलब कि पहली पत्नी और उनसे पैदा बच्चे कहा जा रहे है? सिर्फ दिखाने से न समाज बदला है और न बदलेगा | बाज़ार की तरह वे मूल्यों को बेच कर सिर्फ पैसा कमा है | आमिर को शायद ही यह पता हो कि मै २००४ से इस देश की राज्य सरकार, केंद्र सरकार और योजना आयोग सबसे कह रहा हूँ कि बहराइच जिले में रहने वाले धन्य्कूट समाज जिन्हें सामान्य वर्ग का सरकार कहती है , उनके समाज को अपने जीवन को बचने के लिए भाई बहनों को शादी करनी पड़ रही है और इस तरह की शादी भारतीय कानून में जुर्म है पर आज तक सरकार ने कुछ नही किया और जब मैंने सुचना मांगी तो कहते है कि आपका प्रकां २२वे नंबर पर लगा है जब नंबर आएगा तब उस पर विचार किया जायेगा | क्या आमिर बता सकते है कि २००४ से सरकार क्या कर रही है औए उस बीच जिन धन्यकुट का जीवन बर्बाद हुआ जा रहा है , उनके लिए कौन जिम्मेदार है ????? आमिर कहन में अगर बाजारीकरण से ऊपर वास्तव में कुछ करने की ताकत है तो अपने कार्यकर्म में धन्य्कुट का मामला उठाये वरना ऐसे कार्यकर्म करके उनकी जेब गरम हो सकती है | देश के लोगो का भला नही हो सकता | आमिर खुद को धोखा देने से अच्छा है कि पहले खुद सच के रस्ते पर जिओ और अपनी पहली पत्नी , बच्चे और धन्यकुट का प्रकरण पाने कार्यक्रम में दिखाओ अगर यह सिर्फ बाजारीकरण का एक मुखौटा नही है तो ????????? डॉ आलको चान्टिया , अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन

Monday, 14 May 2012


male can mail ,
either male or female ,
he transfers only ,
his share in turn
we know it as sperm,
you always hear,
it is a matter of smear ,
when he donates ,
without any social sanction ,
everywhere a silence
and spreads a tension,
so birth is a processed way,
which is not matter of gay
it is matter of sanctioned sex,
where sperm acts as Forex,
but life begets life ,
is true for lover or wife
who could make a child,
in her splendid womb ,
but male may be a medium ,
and his effect is mild,
life never begets life ,
at any cast by male ,
birth is a character of female ,
who knows the spell of life ,
and creates it in process,
where male acts as seed,
and female feeds ,
in the form of earth ,
which converts a seed into plant,
by an effort of male's plant

Sunday, 13 May 2012


we can see every thing,
from our naked eyes ,
earth is wrapped with us,
perhaps he lives in the sky,
it is not an easy task ,
to search him around,
did you see him ,
or anywhere you found,
so we made in illusion ,
to minimize our confusion,
it is a place where we get,
or you could set ,
feeling of celestial amusement,
where you generate sentiment,
some times you say it temple,
sometimes mosque or church ,
God is not only a perch ,
it is a felling what we search ,
if one is in pain , he remembers,
if he gains , he remembers
if you loose ,
if you choose ,
you surrender with God ,
who is omnipresent ,
who is omniscient ,
who is almighty ,
it is a belief in majority ,
that God makes us stress free,
God makes us anxiety free,
if we lead a cozy life ,
if we lead a smooth life ,
it becomes a rosy life ,
it becomes a nth life ,
because he is always ,
and he or he prays ,
no one wants to live ,
without that creator ,
because you may live long ,
with The God as narrator........

Saturday, 12 May 2012


शत शत अभिनन्दन ,
तेरे इस नंदन का ,
स्वीकार करो वंदन ,
ये माँ महिषासुर मर्दन ,
तेरी कोख के हम सब ,
पुष्प सुवासित इस जग में ,
रब होता है कैसा ,
माँ से जाना  हम सब ने ,
माँ होकर दर्द हमारे समझे
पृथ्वी को दे दिया उन पहलुओ के लिए ,
जिनके दर्द  है अनबूझे,
आज तेरा दिवस मना कर ,
मानव क्या हो पायेगा ,
उन कर्जो से मुक्त कभी ,
जिनको अपने रक्त  दूध से सीच ,
तूने पूरब  का उजाला दिया ,
और हस्ते है हम सभी ....पूरे विश्व की माओं को अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन अभिनन्दन करता है यह अभिनन्दन सिर्फ इस लिए नही कि हम ने अपनी माँ को याद किया है बल्कि इस लिए भी क्योकि उस माँ के लिए मई कभी रात में नही जगा , उसके लिए कभी खाना नही बनाया , रिश्तो में जिस रिश्ते से सबसे ज्यादा झगडा हम करते है वह है हमारी माँ ..फिर भी वह इंतज़ार में रहती है कि मुझे भूख लगी होगी , उसके प्रेम से ज्यादातर हम झुंझला उठते है जब वह प्रेम से बालो में हाथ फिरती है जबकि हम चाहते है कि एक लड़की हमारे इर्द गिर्द रहे , वह हमसे पहले उठती है और मुझसे बाद में सोती है , परिवार के लिए ख़ुशी देने के लिए वक्ष कैंसर , सर्विकल कैंसर का दर्द बर्दाह्स्त करने वाली माँ को क्या शब्दों में आँका जा सकता है क्या इन दो शब्दों को कहकर हम भाग सकते है , नही ....एक दिन आप भी अपनी माँ के लिए कुछ भी बनाइए , उसका सर दबाइए और एक गिलास पानी दीजिये और आज सोचये कि आप ने अपनी माँ अंतिम बार पानी कब दिया था ???????? आइये हम सब अपनी माँ के लिए संवेदन शील बने .....काश मै माँ के किसी एक गुण को जी पाता....आपको अभिनन्दन माँ .......आज मै अपना नाम नही लिखना चाहता क्योकि यह बात मै विश्व के हर पुत्र की तरफ से लिख रहा हूँ

Girl friend

Life was not at end,
when i got a friend,
it was a special moment,
when i got movement ,
with a Brownian motion,
which was creating ,
a splendid situation,
other than same sex,
opposite enchants us ,
it is natural blink,
not a artificial fuss ,
girl friend is like dew,
across the globe ,
privileged are few,
and i am one of them ,
who is living with,
one of the Jem ,
girl friend gives acceleration,
where i get a passion ,
in life , in work ,
without any jerk ,
when heart feels gloom ,
for weeping no room,
i get shoulder of her,
where all happiness as nectar ,
she reads the language of face ,
and analyse what could she trace ,
all objects which she has ,
render and surrender to you ,
she doesn't get any thing new ,
she finds fair in love ,
whatever she does for dove ,
it is not mere a speculation,
or it is only calculation,
it is a bond of relation ,
other than blood or conjugal ,
it survives with feeling ,
you can say it miracle ,
but girl friend is life's heeling .....


Friday, 11 May 2012


cloud bears the load ,
of water,
because of thirst ,
of this earth ,
when it sees drought ,
so it fought with ,
cracks of land,
and tries to wet ,
for generating its worth ,
when body survives,
and its organs drive,
only heart retrieves,
its function by beats,
and body remains heat,
because of blood ,
it produces flood ,
of energy inside,
body goes all the times,
wide and wide ,
it is nothing but friendship,
of blood and heart,
who know call of each other ,
and without making any fault,
they elongate breath feather ,
and remains at thither ,
friendship is the eyelid,
which acts as armour,
of dreamy eyes,
whenever eyes face ,
wind or storm or pain
sometimes these get tired
all round are fired ,
eyelids close these ,
in their lap for hour,
and make a friendship shower,
a body feels fresh and cool,
by using friendship tool ...............

Thursday, 10 May 2012


After a long patience,
when it becomes fertile ,
earth is not always ready,
to give you yield
it is matter of times,
that how is field,
after digging the earth ,
we makes ts worth,
but after taking pain,
it gives always gain,
earth bears pain of spade,
and increases its grade,
it becomes mother ,
without being bother ,
it clutches roots of seed
and tries to always feed,
times gets maturity ,
and plant avails security ,
mother never spares it ,
until tree thinks unfit ,
mother when makes space ,
trees become fruits grace ,
what a mother gets,
only pain , sacrifice ,
is anything so nice ,
but what reward comes,
disease, death as sums ,
some times inside the walls ,
dignity, smile grace falls,
 we don't want female child ,
sex ratio is not mild,
mother is becoming artificial ,
situation is very crucial ,
we want to get all benefits,
and use fertilizers ,
make a womb
as we use stabilizers,
where is mother natural ,
does she stand in her funeral?
land of all types ,
are becoming infertile   ,
mother of all types,
are becoming  futile

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Single can’t sing jingle,
It may  only twinkle,
Like a distant star,
Which lives at par,
You may lead as sun ,
like water without tun,
single drop of water ,
what can it do ,
little part of sand ,
nothing produce grand ,
but when single drop ,
looses its loneliness ,
and joins with another,
it makes a mighty ocean ,
and single sand sacrifices,
shakes hand with others,
makes a pleasant land gather,
single sperm could have ,
its life of five days ,
and gets its end ,
ovum survives twenty eight days ,
and dies as trend ,
but when both join,
and do sacrifice their freedom,
and sell their single kingdom ,
their bilateral treaty give,
a child birth on this earth  ,
and rove their worth ,
now no one could tell you,
how many days they will live,
one two three or five ,
a bond of sperm and ovum ,
may lead a life of one ,
ten  or hundred years of age ,
still you prefer to single phase,
togetherness is not a philosophy ,
nor it is as catastrophe ,
it is a matter of reality ,
as seed with  earth ,
as sun with sky makes worth
as night with moon ,
making morning very soon ,
single has not long way ,
be together, get together,
and extend a hope of ray


Earth is revolving ,
who is solving ,
its continuous movement,
is it its moment ,
every minute and hour,
it is not a shower,
which makes us cool,
it is victim of time
which produces a rhyme ,
and every day it grows,
and gets a prose ,
where every line enchants
when its age becomes giant ,
when it gains age
every one has to face this phase,
age crates division of labour,
and life becomes more saver ,
how could you get a child,
when your age is mild,
a girls gets status of mother ,
it good when age doesn't bother
age is not only a phase,
it is not a bodily cage ,
it is a journey page ,
which put and raise ,
so many question of life ,
when you became laze,
it is an alarm of depart,
when you are on earth as part,
if you don't listen its sound ,
life becomes zero as round ,
just see the rose,
your pet in home grows
all will leave you alone ,
because they know ,
the meaning of age and its tone,
get ready to listen whisper
age is tuning bagpiper ,
and it ultimately searches ,
and try to perches
after all it gets graveyard,
from where gets back hard ,
so rush to catch your age
and make all way of life as phrase

Monday, 7 May 2012


The report that Indian Army received more than 1,532 complaints of alleged rights violations against its personnel since the establishment of a human rights cell at the Army headquarters in March 1993 and as many as 129 Army personnel, including three dozen officers, were found guilty of human rights violations mostly in Jammu & Kashmir and North Easter in the last two decades has once again brought to the fore the issue of human right abuses with immunity under Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 (AFSPA)in Manipur.

With numerous incidents of arbitrary arrests and killings, fake encounters, forced disappearances, rape and torture, etc, people of Manipur who have suffered long enough under this Army Act have been demanding its repeal and Irom Chanu Sharmila has been fasting for more than 11 years now over the same.

After the Indian Parliament passed it on August 11, 1958 despite strong opposition from some members, AFSPA was enforced in Manipur for the first time in 1961 in some hill areas to curb Naga insurgents.

But by 1980, the whole state came under the grip of the Army Act, which has been described by many as draconian. But down the years, in addition to public outcry over Army excesses, redundancy over imposition of AFSPA in Manipur is becoming more than evidently clear from the inability of the Act to curb insurgency.

In fact, the Act has become counter-productive with multiplication of insurgent groups. There have also been allegations of misusing some splinter groups by the Army.

Against this backdrop, it is good that the Indian Army has acknowledged the mistake of its men and taken up appropriate measures to punish the guilty. According to the report, 59 personnel, including some officers, were punished in Jammu and Kashmir in the nine cases of rights violations while 70 personnel were punished in Northeast after their guilt was established.

Moreover, Army has awarded compensation in 34 cases in which the complaints were found to be genuine. While compensation was paid in 15 cases in Jammu and Kashmir, 19 victims of rights violations were compensated in Northeast.

All these cases relate to complaints filed since the establishment of the Human Rights Cell of the Army in March, 1993 to handle cases of human rights violations against Army personnel deployed in counter insurgency operations.

However, in Manipur the heat of AFSPA has been felt by the people much before that and there have been numerous instances of Army excesses including 'massacres' like that of Oinam in 1978, Heirangoithong in 1984 and Tera Bazaar in 1993, to name just a few.

All these 'massacres' and other similar harrowing experiences underwent by the people in this strife-torn state have taken place before Indian Army wakes up to its moral responsibility of respecting human rights of the people and setting up of its Human Rights Cell.

Most cases of human rights violations in Manipur before and after this have remained discreetly covered up and lost in the vortex of time and tide with no hope for justice.

In the absence of a leader like Omar Abdullah of Jammu & Kashmir who can bare his fangs against AFSPA in Manipur, all that we can say is May the innocent souls of victims of right abuses under the shadow of the Army Act rest in peace. Amen.


colour of spectrum ,
became disappear ,
white is hiding itself ,
some where with fear ,
but this colourful world
can't exist without colour,
womb encompasses  darkness,
where smile gets frankness,
eyelids also prefer darkness,
when these want to share sleep,
as the night becomes deep ,
dream also parasites on it,
because it takes place fit ,
darkness focuses colour ,
in the sky at  night ,
when stars twinkle as white ,
we share moon ,
as night share us soon ,
tide is waiting for jump
sea uses darkness as trump ,
after working whole day,
door is becoming tired,
it wants to shut ,
when day is fired ,
all colours of life demonstrate ,
but black is being remonstrate ,
why do you not give any value to it ,
while it wants to play with sun hit ,
negligence of the day make it rebellion,
and it spreads its realm for million  ,
black makes its own name
now it has a special fame ,
everyone knows it as night  ,
where no sun , no day light ,
only a silence and sleeping ,
make as graveyard after the fight ,
do you know the power of black ,
it gives us half day for flack ...

rashtrpati kaisa ho

भारत में राष्ट्रपति का चुनाव दस्तक दे रहा है और इस देश में किसी भी बात के लिए मंथन एक सामान्य सी प्रक्रिया है और शायद यही कारण है कि राष्ट्रपति का चुनाव भी एक मंथन के दौर से होकर गुजर रहा है कि उमीदवार राजनैतिक पृष्ठभूमि का होना चाहिए या नही ................आप सभी को पता है कि भारत में राष्ट्रपति जो भारत का प्रथम नागरिक है उसकी वैधानिक स्थिति क्या है ? यह तक वह किसी कानून को पुनरावलोकन के लिए भी संसद में सिर्फ एक बार भेज सकता है यानि वह सिर्फ एक मोहर की तरह है और यह एक सामान्य सी अवधारणा बन गई है कि किसी भी व्यक्ति की राजनैतिक सक्रियता ख़त्म करनी हो तो उसको राष्ट्रपति या राज्यपाल के पद पर बैठा दो और आज यही कारण है कि अपनी राजनैतिक हत्या से उबरने के लिए हर वो व्यक्ति छटपटाता दिखाई देता है जिसे राष्ट्रपति पद का उम्मेदार बनाने की कोशिश की जाती है | अगर इस पद में एक बेहतर भविष्य का सार होता तो समाजवादी पार्टी के अध्यक्ष श्री मुलायम सिंह यादव ने यह कह कर इंकार न किया होता कि मई जनता के आदेश के साथ खुश हूँ जबकि उत्तर प्रदेश में मुख्यमंत्री उनके पुत्र है तो फिर मुलायम जी की क्या इच्छा है इस पर चर्चा की जरूरत नही है | श्री शरद पवार ने भी पानी उम्मीदवारी ओ ख़ारिज कर दिया और यही नही एक दम दर कांग्रेस के नेता के रूप में श्री प्रणव मुखर्जी का नाम जिस तरह उछल रहा है और जिस तह वह भी इंकार कर रहे है , उस से तो यही लगता है  राष्ट्र का प्रथम नागरिक एक राजनैतिक व्यक्ति स्वयं पाने मन से तो कतई नही बनना चाहता और राजनैतिक पार्टी ऐसे लोगो का समर्थन भी नही करना चाहती जिनसे उनके हितो को ज्यादा हानि पहुचे | श्री टी एन शेषण को राष्ट्र पति न बन्ने देना और पूर्व राष्ट्रपति कलाम के लिए दोबारा राष्ट्रपति बनाये जाने के लिए  सहमती न बनना , इस बात का प्रमाण है कि राष्ट्रपति बनाये जाने के पीछे कुछ न कुछ तथ्य जरुर है | इन सब से इतर सब से महत्व पूर्ण  बात यह है कि वर्तमान में किस तरह के व्यक्ति को राष्ट्रपति के पद के योग्य माना जाये | इस मुद्दे पर वैसे तो जनता की राय पूरी तरह बेमानी है क्योकि राष्ट्रपति के चुनाव में जनता का कोई सहयोग नही होता और उनके द्वारा चुने हुए प्रतिनिधि भी व्यक्तिगत निर्णय नही ले सकते है क्योकि राष्ट्रपति का उम्मीदवार सामूहिक होता है और उसी से परिणाम  निकलता है | इतिहास गवाह है कि सत्ता चलने का काम प्रधानमंत्री का ही रहा है फिर चाहे वह भारत का पूर्व प्रधान मंत्री चाणक्य ( चन्द्र गुप्त का प्रधान मंत्री ) रहा हो या फिर भारत के प्रधान मंत्री मनमोहन सिंह | पहले राजा था और अब राष्ट्र पति पर तब राजा ही सब कुछ था और आज राष्ट्रपति कागज पर सब कुछ है लेकिन व्यवहार में प्रधानमंत्री सब कुछ है | हस्तिना पुर के राजा ध्र्षराष्ट्र की तरह ही राष्ट्रपति का कार्य है जो भीष्म पितामह पर आश्रित है यानि उस समय भी भीष्म पितामह को एक राजनैतिक प्रष्ट भूमि  वाले व्यक्ति के लिए काम करना था | अकबर के लिए बैरम खान था पर अकबर को सारी राजनैतिक दाव पेंच की जानकारी थी तभी तो वह बैरम खान के भी मंसूबो को जान सके | चन्द्र गुप्त  खुद एक बेहतर  सोच वाला राजनैतिक  था तभी चाणक्य एक बेहतर राष्ट्र चला पाया | एक कहावत है देवो भूत्वा देवो अजयेते \ यानि देवता बन कर ही देवता को प्राप्त किया जा सकता है | और पीर भारत में तो परम्पर रही है कि जो जिस विषय में पारंगत है वह उसी में प्रवक्ता बन सकता है क्योकि यह यह मान्यता कि बन्दर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाद या फिर इसे आप और बेहतर से यह कहकर समझ सकते है कि बन्दर के हाथ में उस्तरा | अमेरिका में एक एक सामन्य व्यक्ति जूरी व्यवस्था में न्याय कर सकता है पर भारत में तो एक विशेज्ञ ही न्याय कर सकता है एक शिक्षक को न्याय करने के योग्य माना जाता है | इस लिए यह सोचना कठिन है कि भारत में राष्ट्रपति वह बने जो राजनैतिक प्रष्ट भूमि का न हो | राष्ट्रपति तो एक किसान को बनाना चाहिए जो अँधेरे , बिजली, मसुं , पानी , सड़क , शिक्षा , बीमारी , का मतलब जनता है , कम से कम जब कौन अंतिम हस्ताक्षर के लिए उसके पास आएगा तो वह आने दर्द को देख  तो लेगा कि वह सब कानून में है कि नही और कम से कम एक बार तो वापस कर ही सकता है और अमरे देश में साक्षर तो बढ़े ही है यानि हस्ताक्षर करना टी उसे आताही होगा क्योकि इस से ज्यादा का काम उसे रहता नही , पञ्च साल में वह मृत्यु दंड पाए लोगो कि फाइल तक तो निपटा नही पाता, ऐसे में उसके पास का काम है और उस स्थिति में भारत के आम नागरिक  पर विचार किया  जा सकता है और उसका राजनीती से कुछ लेना देना ही नही होता पर अगर आप एक समृद्ध भारत के आईने में इस प्रश्न को पूछ रहे है तो अखिल भारतीय  अधिकार संगठन ऊपर के तथ्यों के प्रकाश में यही कह सकता है कि जस जेके महतारी बाप तस तैके लड़का , और जस जेके घर द्वार , तस तैके फरका यानि जब राष्ट्रपति सम्पूर्ण राष्ट्र का प्रथम व्यक्ति ही नही उसका प्रतिबिम्ब है तो हमें ऐसे व्यक्ति का चुनाव करना चाहिए जो जानकर हो , ऐसे तो भारत में हर व्यक्ति डॉक्टर है पर क्या हम उसके इलाज पर भरोसा कर पाते है क्या वह हमारे को बीमारी का प्रमाण पत्र दे सकता है और उसे सर्कार मानती है ? नही ना तो फिर क्यों ना एक ऐसा व्यक्ति राष्ट्रपति बने तो संविधान का ज्ञाता हो और जिसने काफ लम्बा राजनैतिक अनुभव रखा हो ताकि वह भारत को अच्छी तरह समझ सके और भारत में कानून के कूड़े के ढेर को हस्ताक्षर करते समय एक सही आइना  दिखा सके ताकि वह देश में बाबू बनने के बजाये सही अर्थो में राष्ट्र पति कहलाये .....डॉ अलोक चांटिया, अखिल भारतीय अधिकार संगठन

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story of tea

Tea is one of India's most popular drinks and by this time next year, it may get the official seal of approval as the country's national drink. But for many years, it was viewed with suspicion and even fear.

Thanks to British colonial policies of the first half of the 19th Century, India remained the world's largest producer of the leaf until 2006, when China overtook India.

But unlike China, in most of India there was no ancient tradition of tea drinking.

And as late as the 1950s, stern proscriptions by nationalist leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi were dampening domestic demand, and meant India was exporting more than half its tea.

So how did the cuppa overcome such a hostile market to stand at the brink of national drink status?

Viceroy Curzon introduced the Tea Cess Bill in 1903 to tax the Indian trade, raise a fund and promote marketing.

Over the previous two decades China's share of the London tea market had fallen from 70% to 10%, replaced mostly by India's and Ceylon's.

By 1900, tea was a large part of British household spending, but the market, although the largest, was starting to go flat.
The Indian Tea Association, an industry group made up of British companies, turned to the second largest market, the US - the former colony that 150 years earlier had used the opposition to rising tea taxes as a rallying cry for independence.

When the US economy and London tea prices crashed at the end of the 1920s, the association then looked towards the Indian market.

By then the brew was enjoyed by not just the Singphos and Khamtis, the two Burmese-origin tribes in India's hilly north-east that had enjoyed tea for centuries.

It had become a drink for the Indian upper and middle classes in Calcutta, the colonial capital that had become the world's largest tea port.

Cultural historian Gautam Bhadra has gathered a pile of circumstantial evidence on the growing Indian - and indeed Bengali - habit of drinking tea in the 1920s and '30s.

"We became sure of an Indian tea habit in the 1920s not just from the celebratory poems published in the Sahitya magazine," he says.

"Amritalal Basu's 1926 sketch, Pintur Theatre Dekha (Pintu Goes to the Theatre), mentions trouble that erupted when someone tried to hide a shortage of tea by serving boiled neem leaves in earthen pots. It's the first reference of having tea in earthen pots in India."

The "Indian antidote" affected the habits of others, too.
In his forthcoming research paper, Chai Why? The Triumph of Tea in India as Captured in Advertising Imagery, University of Iowa Professor Philip Lutgendorf observes that the Zoroastrian families which immigrated to Mumbai in the first decades of the 20th Century were used to drinking tea as a "milkless infusion of black leaves, sucked through a lump of rock-sugar held in the cheek".
But they changed the way they made "chai" in their cafes to suit British-Indian tastes.

"Irani chai," writes Lutgendorf, "once dispensed in more than 400 corner eateries that proliferated throughout Mumbai between roughly 1920 and 1960, was typically produced in large samovars in which tea leaves boiled for hours in sweetened water; meanwhile, a huge pot of full-cream milk simmered on an adjacent burner, becoming continually richer and more condensed."

But the habit in India was not nearly as pervasive as the tea producers would have liked.

Bishnupriya Gupta, economic historian at the University of Warwick, reckons the Indian market was a mere 8.2 million kg (18 million lbs) in 1910, a year Britain bought 130 million kg. Through the 1920s, Indian demand crept up to about 23 million kg.

One reason for this low demand and slow growth was the vociferous opposition to tea within India - and especially against labour practices at tea plantations - that had been aired by nationalist leaders from as early as 1906.

A reflection of this is found in Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's Bengali novella Parineeta, published in 1914.
The main character, Lalita, does not have tea because Shekhar, her love who is influenced by the nationalist movement, does not like women drinking tea.

In the early 1920s, Acharya Prafulla Ray, an eminent chemist and a passionate nationalist, published cartoons equating tea with poison.

Later, Mahatma Gandhi wrote a chapter in his book, A Key to Health, explaining why tannin, the compound that gives tea its astringency, was bad for human consumption.

He called tea "an intoxicant", in the same class of avoidable substances as tobacco and cacao.
Another widely held belief was that tea made the skin darker. Among a people obsessed with fair skin, especially in north India, this amplified the political message as a taboo.

Facing such unprecedented hostility, the tea producers needed as much help as they could muster.

The Tea Cess Committee was morphed in 1933 into the unambiguously named Tea Marketing Expansion Board, a precursor to today's Tea Board.

It started putting out illustrated advertisements at railway stations with instructions for brewing tea and with the Board's counter-claims about the drink's health benefits such as "increased stamina".

In the 1930s and '40s, vehicles decorated with a large kettle travelled through the urban and semi-urban areas of Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra explaining how to brew tea.
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Gandhi's diet

He took a great interest in nutrition, and wrote on the subject in his short book, Key to Health.

    Wheat and rice
    Dry cereals
    Raw fruits and vegetables
    Ghee - a certain amount of fat is nourishing
    Jaggery instead of sugar
    Ate meat as a boy before becoming vegetarian

Boiling was encouraged as an antidote to the Indian "poison" - and it is still how tea is made across India.

Even private companies undertook their own promotion.

"Before independence, Brooke Bond carts would go around the old city offering to make free tea for anyone who brought milk. They would then boil the whole thing on the cart," says Sanjay Kapur, chief executive of San-Cha Tea House in old Delhi.

"I suppose that was a very Indian way of getting rid of the supposed bad things in the tea."

The combined efforts contributed to the doubling of Indian consumption in the 1930s.

Still, the Indian market remained relatively small through the 1940s.

After 1947, tea became even more of a precious foreign exchange earner, rather than something to drink at home
In 1950, 70% of the 280 million kg (617 million lbs) produced in India was exported.

The biggest turn happened in the 1960s when the working classes took to tea in numbers. Gautam Bhadra ascribes this sudden and substantial spurt in "roadside tea stalls" to the coming of CTC - "crush, tear and curl" - a method of making black tea that produces a cheaper dust, one that lends itself to boiling.

Today, India accounts for a quarter of the world's production.

"In 2011 India consumed more than 850 million kg out of the 988 million produced, but prices suffered between 1999 and 2007," says Bidyananda Barkakoty, chairman of the North Eastern Tea Association and one who has lobbied hard for tea to be labelled a national drink.

The designation would help build India's tea brand overseas, he says.

While Mr Barkakoty trains his eyes abroad, Roshni Sen, deputy chairman of the Tea Board, looks within: "A 2007 study told us that the Indian demand is rising faster than production. That means we may have to import." (AMITAVA SANYAL BBC)

kilkari ki ibarat

जीवन को इतना समझा ,
कि समझने की बात भूल गया ,
आँखों ने याद दिलाया आलोक ,
फिर अपनी बात ही भूल गया .............१
बरसती क्यों  रही आँखे इतनी ,
आखिर उसने सूखा क्या देख लिया ,
भीगा तन मन दोनों कुछ इतना ,
दिल फिर से कुछ आज भीग लिया ..........२
आज सुना है उनकी रुखसती होगी ,
जिन्दगी आलोक कुछ बेरुखी होगी ,
सर कभी कंधे पर न रख सका जिनके ,
उन्ही के दिल में मेरी ताज पोशी होगी ------३
मेरी दिल की लाली उनके मांग में दिखी ,
कदमो की आहट उनकी चूडियो ने सीखी  ,
रात  का अँधेरा उनकी बंद आँखों में फैला ,
एक किलकारी की इबारत कुछ ऐसी लिखी -------४


life never runs
it always makes fun ,
and keeps away gun,
when smiles as bun ,
barren land wants water,
and some drops of tears,
come from your eyes ,
after seeing its pain ,
earth becomes wet,
noting but what it gets,
that is only fate ,
where your weeping ,
fulfill someone's will,
and minimize all nil,
and creates an anticipation ,
where a seed gets its fashion,
you don't know what is fate,
you may live in pain
and other receives gain ,
fate is always relative,
it can't be calculative ,
one does an act ,
fate makes it as fact ,
and others move may put
smile or exile on your face ,
still you think that ,
fate you could trace ,
only a path of flower ,
may tell you fate ,
which is helpless,
to grow any rate ,

kadam bahkte rhe

मैंने पुकारा  चला कोई और आया,
दिया मैंने तुमको पर कोई और पाया ,
किस्मत भी न जाने क्या चाहती है ,
बढ़ा  मै पर साथ तेरा कोई और पाया .......१
जो बीत गया उसे याद क्या करूं ,
जो मिला नही उसे प्यार क्या करू ,
जाने क्या बटोरते रहे उम्र भर आलोक ,
जो  रह गया साथ उसे जान क्या करू ..............२
जीने के लिए रोज कोई दर्द होना चाहिए ,
अंतस में कोइ एहसास होना चाहिये ,
कौन जान पाता खुद को आलोक यहा,
सामने कोई आँखों के पास होना चाहिए ,......३
दिल रहा रोशन अँधेरे से घर में ,
सांस रही चलती मुर्दे से तन में ,
मन के हारने से सब हारेगा आलोक ,
कदम बहकते रहे मौत जीवन में .................4

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jo chhut gaya wo ..............

तेरे अश्को को मान लिया अपनी चाहत ,
तेरे कदमो  को भी मान लिया अपनी आहट,
अब न जाने और क्या चाहता आलोक ,
उसके हसने में भी रहती अपनी सुगबुगाहट .....१
बहकते है वो जिन्हें  यकीं ही नही खुद पर ,
गिरते है वो जिन्हें जमीं न मिली मर कर ,
मुझे पता है काँटों की चुभन ये आलोक ,
रोते है वो जिन्हें कुछ न मिला जी कर ..........२
तेरे हिस्से मौत न आई मांग कर भी ,
मेरे हिस्से जिन्दगी न आई मर कर भी ,
दोनों को अब न जाने किसका इंतज़ार ,
हसी जाने कहा हो गई हमसे मिलकर ...........३
जो बीत गया अब याद ना आया ,
जो मिल गया उसको भी ना पाया ,
जाने क्या बटोरते रहे उम्र भर हम ,
जो छूटगया वही फिर काम आया .................4

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tujhko jina behtar

रात का डर किसको सुबह की आहट में ,
मौत का डर किसको तेरी चाहत में ,
हर इसी को इंतज़ार समय की अंगड़ाई का ,
पैमाने का डर किसको आँखों की राहत में  ........१
जब दामन से तन्हाई लिपट जाती है ,
आँखे खुद ब खुद  छलक आती है ,
डरता हूँ कही कोई देख ना ले मुझको  ,
इसी से हसी ओठो पे मचल जाती है ....................२
खो जाना बेहतर है पाने के लिए ,
चले जाना बेहतर फिर आने के लिए ,
सभी में छिपी है रब की एक सूरत ,
तुझको जीना बेहतर उसको पाने के लिए ...........३

Tomorrow | Poems at The Poetry Showcase

Tomorrow | Poems at The Poetry Showcase



kam se kam yaad to aayi

MANANTHAVADY: The Kerala government will honour renowned personalities from various tribal communities in the state every year, said minister for welfare of scheduled tribes and youth affairs P K Jayalakshmi.
Addressing the media at Gothrayanam 2012, the national tribal festival which began on Monday, she said 15 personalities have been selected this year. Health minister V S Sivakumar will honour them at a special event, Aadaraneeyam, during the valedictory function of the festival on Friday. The function will be held at a specially arranged Gothrayanam tribal village in the Sree Valliyurkavu temple grounds at Mananthavady in Wayanad district.
"The contribution of people from the scheduled tribe community to the cultural scene of Kerala is immense and the government will recognize them by honouring 10 such personalities every year," said Jayalakshmi.
Five among the 15 persons to be honoured this year are the brand ambassadors of Gothrayanam. They include Narayan, the first tribal novelist from south India and the author of award-winning novel Kocharethi, tribal healer Appachan Vaidyar of Mananthavady, tribal cuisine expert N Vellan of Ambalavayal, Dr Kamalakshi, the first MBBS holder from the Muduka community in Attapadi, and Eeswaran Kani a, researcher and tribal healer from Thiruvananthapuram.
They were selected by an expert panel based on their contributions to fields like arts, sports, traditional knowledge and service to the society.
The minister also said tribal healing is gaining popularity among the general public and many youngsters are making a living out of this and the government would extend all possible support to them. This year, the government has so far provided a grant of Rs 10,000 each to 120 traditional tribal healers.The five-day national tribal festival is aimed at showcasing the treasure of tribal art and culture.The Kerala government will honour renowned personalities from the tribal communities in the state every year, Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes and Youth Affairs P K Jayalakshmi has said.
Addressing the media at the national tribal festival, Gothrayanam - 2012, which began on Monday, she said 15 personalities are selected this year and health minister V S Sivakumar would honour them at a special function, Aadaraneeyam, during the valedictory function of the festival on May 4, being held in the Sree Valliyurkavu temple grounds at the Gothrayanam tribal village here.
"The contribution of the people from the scheduled tribe community to the cultural scene of Kerala is immense and the government would recognise this contribution by honouring ten such personalities every year," she said.
This year's list of renowned personalities comprise 15 people, including novelist Narayan, the first tribal novelist from south India, who wrote the award-winning novel Kocharethi; tribal healer Prof Appachan Vaidyar of Mananthavady; tribal cuisine expert N Vellan of Ambalavayal; Dr Kamalakshi, the MBBS holder from the Mullakuruma community from the Muduka community in Attapadi, and Eeswaran Kani from Thrivanantapuram  who is a researcher and tribal healer. All the five are the brand ambassadors of Gothrayanam.
These people were selected by an expert panel based on their contributions in various fields, including art, sports, traditional knowledge, service to the society etc.
The minister also said tribal healing is gaining popularity among the general public and many youngsters are making a living out of this and the government would extend all possible support to them.
This year the government provided grant of Rs 10,000 each to 120 traditional tribal healers. Times Of India , 3rd May 2012

Thursday, 3 May 2012

why is why

When you get life,
other than what you want,
when you want to go ,
but you sit inside the room,
you appear in any examination,
and result is not as your passion,
you want to eat,
you can' use your hand,
a faith lies in your heart,
but someone ditches you ,
you are in clutch of rebellion,
and you want to alive,
life becomes as butchery ,
where one can come ,
but can't go out side ,
a banquet never comes,
a sorrow ritual moves ,
steps are many but,
goal is far behind ,
do you also feel it ,
time to time or,
seldom comes this device ,
and you pay your breath ,
your time or,
what has a price ,
i feel often all,
when I feel calm,
or try to live cool,
an other than effort,
activates itself in my life,
and i become victim of,
circumstances to say ,
why all these happen ,
only in my life ,
what i did wrong ,
or what i do act ,
o almighty listen my voice,
and tell me the fact of,
prophet, Christ who ,
always did good but,
where was happiness,
why not a cozy life,
in their lives ,
when they suffered ,
i am facing the same ,
but why it is ,
i am mere a man ,
why happiness is ban ,
could i try to be ,
or it is other than man ,
what i can ,
when i am hanging between,
super man and man,
and say in dream ,
sought in day and night ,
why happiness never wants,
to sit in my lap,
what is the crime ,
which creates this gap ,
why , why is on ,
will life reside upon .

Atrocities act for SC

Rajasthan has emerged as the state with the highest incidence of registered atrocities against Dalits across the country. In 2010, the state recorded 51.4 cases of atrocities against Dalits per lakh population under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act.
The latest data from the ministry of social justice and empowerment show that five states – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh – account for around 70% of registered atrocities against Dalits in India. SCs account for anywhere between 15% and 22% of the total population in these states.
“As stated, these are registered cases – whereas the actual number of atrocities could be more. Though hundreds of cases still go unnoticed and unreported, Dalits now come out and complain thanks to the efforts of NGOs in states like Andhra Pradesh,” Chinna Rao, associate professor, Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion, JNU, said.
Although the number of atrocities against Dalits declined in most of the states from 33,426 in 2009 to 32,569 in 2010, Kerala, Haryana and West Bengal recorded a rise. Himachal and Punjab also saw a marginal increase in 2010 over 2009.
Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh topped in atrocities against the tribal population as well. Of the 5,880 cases registered, 60% (3,505 cases) were from these states.
Cases of atrocities against Dalits are characterised by their high rate of pendency and low rate of conviction, a tendency officials term as “very worrisome”. As per the National Crime Records Bureau, the pendency of SC-related cases in courts during 2008-10 was 80.6%. In eight states, the percentage is above the national average – 90% in Gujarat and 88.2% in West Bengal.
At the same time, the conviction rate in SC-related cases during 2008-10 was only 32.3%, with Karnataka registering as low as 3.3%, Gujarat 6.4%, Maharashtra 6.6%, and West Bengal 6.7%.
Though the Act specifies special courts at the district level to deal with such cases on a war footing, not many states have complied with the stipulation. “Andhra and MP have set up exclusive courts in every district, but the ratio is much less in other states,” an official said.