Monday, 7 May 2012


colour of spectrum ,
became disappear ,
white is hiding itself ,
some where with fear ,
but this colourful world
can't exist without colour,
womb encompasses  darkness,
where smile gets frankness,
eyelids also prefer darkness,
when these want to share sleep,
as the night becomes deep ,
dream also parasites on it,
because it takes place fit ,
darkness focuses colour ,
in the sky at  night ,
when stars twinkle as white ,
we share moon ,
as night share us soon ,
tide is waiting for jump
sea uses darkness as trump ,
after working whole day,
door is becoming tired,
it wants to shut ,
when day is fired ,
all colours of life demonstrate ,
but black is being remonstrate ,
why do you not give any value to it ,
while it wants to play with sun hit ,
negligence of the day make it rebellion,
and it spreads its realm for million  ,
black makes its own name
now it has a special fame ,
everyone knows it as night  ,
where no sun , no day light ,
only a silence and sleeping ,
make as graveyard after the fight ,
do you know the power of black ,
it gives us half day for flack ...

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