Monday, 14 May 2012


male can mail ,
either male or female ,
he transfers only ,
his share in turn
we know it as sperm,
you always hear,
it is a matter of smear ,
when he donates ,
without any social sanction ,
everywhere a silence
and spreads a tension,
so birth is a processed way,
which is not matter of gay
it is matter of sanctioned sex,
where sperm acts as Forex,
but life begets life ,
is true for lover or wife
who could make a child,
in her splendid womb ,
but male may be a medium ,
and his effect is mild,
life never begets life ,
at any cast by male ,
birth is a character of female ,
who knows the spell of life ,
and creates it in process,
where male acts as seed,
and female feeds ,
in the form of earth ,
which converts a seed into plant,
by an effort of male's plant

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