Sunday, 20 May 2012


Truth is itself,
a kind of false,
which you imagine,
as truth for some time ,
it was a truth that,
sun was revolved ,
around the earth,
and all believed it ,
as a truth but,
it became a false ,
you may also say ,
that sky is blue,
and no one can deny ,
in general practice ,
but truth is far behind,
we all celebrate birthday
but it is celebration of,
death which starts ,
its passage as life ,
do we lead really
a truth in birthday,
how can we say ,
earth has no colour ,
but it is blue planet ,
do you believe on it ,
we are human being ,
and ultimate creation ,
of this earth but,
as a disaster God,
what he has left behind,
only an imbalance ,
of nature after being ,
a false creature ,
truth is  comparative,
we make it descriptive 
because it is lucrative ,
it leads life ,
as proves a mobility ,
and creates an ability,
among all who think,
that life shrinks ,
False is always the ,
biggest truth ever seen ,
on this globe,
could you have any probe ,
that you can prove ,
life is immortal ,
have you seen God ,
did you smell Haven ,
do you know the pain of hell,
but all these false give ,
acceleration in action  ,
and we get motion,
of every kind ,
but do you find ,
any repulsion anywhere,
this false creates everywhere,
temple, church , mosque,
are unbelievable gift ,
of this prevailing false ,
that truth is other than false  

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