Sunday, 27 May 2012

life never comes twice

when you want to ,
come to this world,
but it is also heard,
that some one else ,
decides to fulfill your desire ,
it makes very tire ,
but after having your feeling,
in mind every second,
she makes a passage grand ,
and you get your awaited ,
journey to this blue planet ,
where life is like coconut  ,
you should be overwhelmed ,
to your beloved mother ,
who too every pain,
to every pain to see you ,
this world away from heaven ,
which is not not even ,
but you after visit this tour ,
you forget life has day four,
you take it as picnic,
and gradually it becomes panic,
after running on breath's road  ,
you never think about erode ,
and when pocket gets empty,
you feel pettiness,
but nothing gets your hand,
except again that Disney world  ,
from where you had came ,
and took life a name ,
try to understand that sacrifice ,
which had decided to act nice ,
and you became witness of earth,
so why are you loosing your worth,
when you also know that ,
life may come again and again,
but in which form how you can ,
breath and soul are encompassed ,
with the cover of this body ,
which will never be ready,
to give you same name and shape,
and it will create a gap ,
because of your carelessness,
life is approaching its end,
but like scarcity of water ,
day by day on this earth ,
try to manage your life ,
and proves its worth ,
life never repeats itself ,
and never comes self,
it depends on others,
who may think further ,
so if you come again here,
it may be a fear,
whether you would have ,
same relation and  passion,  ,
same face , trace , grace , fashion
how will you tell you about rebirth ,
it is matter of dearth ,
and to keep away from this anxiety
do some thing good and pretty,
in this present life and birth ,
to avoid any castle in the air ,
because life never comes twice ,
decide how will you act it's rise

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