Sunday, 13 May 2012


we can see every thing,
from our naked eyes ,
earth is wrapped with us,
perhaps he lives in the sky,
it is not an easy task ,
to search him around,
did you see him ,
or anywhere you found,
so we made in illusion ,
to minimize our confusion,
it is a place where we get,
or you could set ,
feeling of celestial amusement,
where you generate sentiment,
some times you say it temple,
sometimes mosque or church ,
God is not only a perch ,
it is a felling what we search ,
if one is in pain , he remembers,
if he gains , he remembers
if you loose ,
if you choose ,
you surrender with God ,
who is omnipresent ,
who is omniscient ,
who is almighty ,
it is a belief in majority ,
that God makes us stress free,
God makes us anxiety free,
if we lead a cozy life ,
if we lead a smooth life ,
it becomes a rosy life ,
it becomes a nth life ,
because he is always ,
and he or he prays ,
no one wants to live ,
without that creator ,
because you may live long ,
with The God as narrator........

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