Thursday, 10 May 2012


After a long patience,
when it becomes fertile ,
earth is not always ready,
to give you yield
it is matter of times,
that how is field,
after digging the earth ,
we makes ts worth,
but after taking pain,
it gives always gain,
earth bears pain of spade,
and increases its grade,
it becomes mother ,
without being bother ,
it clutches roots of seed
and tries to always feed,
times gets maturity ,
and plant avails security ,
mother never spares it ,
until tree thinks unfit ,
mother when makes space ,
trees become fruits grace ,
what a mother gets,
only pain , sacrifice ,
is anything so nice ,
but what reward comes,
disease, death as sums ,
some times inside the walls ,
dignity, smile grace falls,
 we don't want female child ,
sex ratio is not mild,
mother is becoming artificial ,
situation is very crucial ,
we want to get all benefits,
and use fertilizers ,
make a womb
as we use stabilizers,
where is mother natural ,
does she stand in her funeral?
land of all types ,
are becoming infertile   ,
mother of all types,
are becoming  futile

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