Monday, 28 May 2012



invisible steps made ,
all of us to come,
in this world through womb,
and these steps are not,
reflection of one or two days,
journey of any creature,
which is necessary to take ,
but after the darkness ,
and silence zone journey
you come away from,
as victim of circumstances,
while you are witnessed of ,
so many instances,
as i feel you all keep eyes close
even don't inhale by nose,
and wait to complete the way,
of prolonged miles ,
which may give you a smile,
all will have also as length of Nile,
but when you , me face the sun,
we start a run ,
to cross our childhood ,
to sustain for livelihood,
this may come by taking,
a step every day
and you may feel a ray ,
which is not only your foot step
but it starts when you get up,
and think about your ability,
then try to get an quality ,
when ever you do any action,
mind may take a step in fraction,
it may be good , it may be wrong
but step always gives result,
which may create different cult,
, you may say steps of foot
which is noting but for food ,
steps should be for enlightenment,
and generates an entertainment ,
steps should be taken for moral ,
it may keep away you for any fall,
steps come when you act with others,
but it should like as sisters and brothers,
you have to go before you sleep ,
and steps are the only solution ,
when you again peep ,
steps get victory in mountain,
steps dip in fountain ,
steps measure depth of ocean ,
and whatever in your notion ,
i am also trying to make steps ,
in the heart of time ,
which may generate a rhyme ,
because steps is not only imagination,
it is a way of life as creation

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