Monday, 28 May 2012

don't go away

where are you going ,
what are you showing ,
am i fool ,
are you feel cool,
how could you keep mum,
how much relation we sum,
it was not a play,
now you broke it as clay ,
you will have to sit,
and define relation what fit,
why are all weeping ,
because you are sleeping,
till without gap eternity,
whats our fraternity ,
i don't know anything ,
just tell me that promise ,
which you had done then,
what was that only fun,
was it your choice ,
who would taste first pious ,
i can't sustain alone ,
don't make any tone ,
which is making away ,
from our tie which we made ,
you are not only great ,
or i came on freight,
for your amusement ,
and now it is punishment ,
when you are going ,
on the help of shoulders,
and i am becoming folders,
aloof , a lot on this time ,
how could inhale any rhyme ,
if it was final judgement ,
you used me as entertainment ,
if God decides relation ,
why he is making it passion,
to isolate those who together ,
like rain in winter weather ,
where is the story of soul,
where is feeling and role ,
every step i was with you,
why are you creating this new,
I am seeing you ,
but you have indefinite hate,
so keep your eyes close ,
and making my fate ,
lo people are taking away,
you from  that room,
where we spent many ,
stories of romance,
we sketched many
dreams and dance,
today i will sleep here alone,
you will not attain this zone,
you are a cheater ,
you are very much calculator ,
you understood the role ,
and love of creator ,
and made an affinity,
to attain that divinity,
but it is not good step,
and you behave like step ,
when you had told for relation,
in every odd and even situation,
you should stop again at station,
where I remain in your wait,
please postpone this date ,
please don't go  out ,
other wise i will shout
 stop stop stop stop ,
it is my last pray ,
please don't go away
please don't go away

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