Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Earth is revolving ,
who is solving ,
its continuous movement,
is it its moment ,
every minute and hour,
it is not a shower,
which makes us cool,
it is victim of time
which produces a rhyme ,
and every day it grows,
and gets a prose ,
where every line enchants
when its age becomes giant ,
when it gains age
every one has to face this phase,
age crates division of labour,
and life becomes more saver ,
how could you get a child,
when your age is mild,
a girls gets status of mother ,
it good when age doesn't bother
age is not only a phase,
it is not a bodily cage ,
it is a journey page ,
which put and raise ,
so many question of life ,
when you became laze,
it is an alarm of depart,
when you are on earth as part,
if you don't listen its sound ,
life becomes zero as round ,
just see the rose,
your pet in home grows
all will leave you alone ,
because they know ,
the meaning of age and its tone,
get ready to listen whisper
age is tuning bagpiper ,
and it ultimately searches ,
and try to perches
after all it gets graveyard,
from where gets back hard ,
so rush to catch your age
and make all way of life as phrase

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