Wednesday, 23 May 2012


when you suffer
from fever or ,
any ailment ,
and you visit ,
a clinic for ,
Doctor's treatment ,
as Doctor touches,
your wrist or ,
checkup your stomach,
and administer a pill,
his touch makes you ,
healthier and fresh ,
when a child weeps ,
loudly and loudly,
no one gets able ,
to keep him silent ,
at that moment ,
the touch of mother ,
only gives him console ,
and we understand ,
touch and its role
touch is a generator   ,
of enormous relations,
and you get a passion ,
when your feet touch the earth ,
you feel satisfy ,
and your base gets worth ,,
touch makes you patriotic ,
touch gives an idea about ,
hot and cool ,
you can access easily ,
wise and fool ,
touch is not a sensation ,
it makes also frustration,
sometimes touch makes hate ,
you don't like such fate ,
and want to be away from it ,
because touch creates memory ,
and mind writes memoir,
which gives ultimate a pain ,
which no one wants to gain ,
again and again,
that is why one  keeps away,
from this ugly touch,
apart from this fact ,
touch makes much

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