Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Single can’t sing jingle,
It may  only twinkle,
Like a distant star,
Which lives at par,
You may lead as sun ,
like water without tun,
single drop of water ,
what can it do ,
little part of sand ,
nothing produce grand ,
but when single drop ,
looses its loneliness ,
and joins with another,
it makes a mighty ocean ,
and single sand sacrifices,
shakes hand with others,
makes a pleasant land gather,
single sperm could have ,
its life of five days ,
and gets its end ,
ovum survives twenty eight days ,
and dies as trend ,
but when both join,
and do sacrifice their freedom,
and sell their single kingdom ,
their bilateral treaty give,
a child birth on this earth  ,
and rove their worth ,
now no one could tell you,
how many days they will live,
one two three or five ,
a bond of sperm and ovum ,
may lead a life of one ,
ten  or hundred years of age ,
still you prefer to single phase,
togetherness is not a philosophy ,
nor it is as catastrophe ,
it is a matter of reality ,
as seed with  earth ,
as sun with sky makes worth
as night with moon ,
making morning very soon ,
single has not long way ,
be together, get together,
and extend a hope of ray

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