Saturday, 26 May 2012


This earth is not empty ,
as your heart ,
you want reaction ,
but earth does only action,
that is why you,
feel emptiness seldom,
and earth creates kingdom,
when you feel emptiness,
in your life ,
tears feel this efficiently,
and eyes wet promptly,
world says weeping ,
and it tries keeping ,
a consolation before you ,
but how many know this ,
that tear knows the emptiness,
of my life in eyes
and these ready to sacrifice ,
it is a beautiful price ,
which you unable to understand ,
it is marketing of empty brand ,
whenever you see empty vessel ,
you try to fill it in hassle ,
when air feels emptiness,
it makes an act as prettiness,
a storm comes with full swing ,
and empty escapes its wing ,
when you go to heaven,
and leave an emptiness behind,
i try to make remember you ,
by putting your photo new ,
you hang in my room all the time ,
and life becomes as rhyme ,
do you feel also an emptiness,
rush to catch this greatness,
you are going to feel all fact,
because empty tell all tact ,
room may be empty without me ,
but wind will tell presence of me
if you are away from empty,
how could you know life pretty ........

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