Sunday, 20 May 2012


if you will try to know ,
the meaning of life,
if you think that ,
how did you come ,
on this earth ,
why is life only ,
makes its worth ,
on this blue planet only,
is it man prudent solely,
what is God ,
where does he/she lives,
where we can  dip ,
with this metaphysical world,
have you heard ,
any thing about dream ,
where ghost resides ,
where soul hides ,
why do we come here,
what is the life of there,
is it natural fear ,
or natural is cheer ,
how will you identify tear,
some times its for joy ,
some times for grief,
questions are many ,
it comes as rainy
question is itself a question,
why it comes in mind ,
how could it find ,
a better response ,
have you any grievance ,
just put it in your mind ,
and try to it bind ,
and suddenly you will get ,
a question like jet ,
and it takes its motion
for making so many notions ,
and finally you get relaxed ,
because question remains,
in your domain ,
why should we think ,
why any thing blinks,
why do we sleep  everyday ,
why do we face Monday or Friday,
after death where we will go ,
how long is it row ,
question is always immortal ,
as almighty or God ,
we live or not live ,
this world will remain with questions
how we get rid of these questions a

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