Wednesday, 23 May 2012


All are walls ,
east , west ,
north , south ,
make a meaning,
of this earth ,
do you feel ,
of these any worth ,
how are we free,
always , everywhere,
but how could we sustain,
without any armour ,
alike other creatures,
we all have weak features ,
without having any way,
man started to walk ,
and in course of time ,
life sang a rhyme ,
path came in existence ,
and we moved as followers ,
at the end of path ,
again we felt  safety ,
because we could sleep out side,
night was with night mare ,
God was not fair ,
he has to  care ,
and all are wondering,
for food , sex , protection,
for it no one has affection,
because almighty has no wall,
everyone has to sustain on fate ,
death is ultimately that gate ,
which may come anytime ,
so we has made wall ,
four walls together ,
and makes a room ,
where we all are not only safe ,
but also wall gives acceleration,
for dream , for rest,
wall makes life as the best ,
when you are very sure ,
to welcome the sun ,,
which is uncertain for rabbit ,
who is loin's eating habit ,
puppies are not safe ,
without having walls,
but your baby smiles ,
after surrounded by tiles ,
wall ensures your food  ,
when kitchen cooks ,
and all are going healthy ,
when wall increases your looks ,

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