Sunday, 27 May 2012


You are my dear,
I am here,
you are there,
Don't have fear,
Be cheer,
enjoy and celebrate ,
every moment
year to year,
without any gear ,
life is not mine,
take it as wine ,
it gives sensation,
when you feel passion,
when i see you,
you see me ,
and I bow on knee,
to say I love you ,
how you feel new,
in your heart ,
a splendid fault ,
you want to dance ,
it is romance ,
with wind and rain,
to day only you know ,
what you gain ,
it is a man in man ,
which makes you insane ,
that is why you are ,
in deep sorrow ,
when you don't find ,
in front of your eyes,
and mind cries ,
i am here ,
you are where,
come and and see,
under that tree ,
where, we met first time ,
life had became a rhyme ,
but today you are very far,
life is way from nectar ,
come and minimize ,
our distance from zero ,
o my life hero ,
i am waiting of you ,
breathes are few ,
why do you not understand ,
we are not only friend ,
two body one soul ,
try to create a story ,
as seed and ground together  ,
prove a contemporary,
come and be one ,
life is not my fun ,
you are there
 i am here,
but now it is not fair ,
limit should be delimit ,
we should together submit ,
for life and love ,
for breath and pulse ,
for death and cremation,
away from every fashion,
because we feel each other ,
now should not be away further ,
i don't want to be here ,
if you want to be there,

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