Monday, 21 May 2012


when I feel ,
after loosing my zeal ,
why i am here,
who takes my care,
everyone wants a layer,
always does a prayer ,
God bless me forever,
but no word comes for other,
it is not a simple way,
everybody stands in fray ,
when you in this world,
all have heard,
nothing was in your hand
only a handful desire grand ,
you open your hand ,
as you grow,
life runs fast and fast
as flies crow ,
some times happiness,
knocks your heart,
sometimes sadness,
tells your fault ,
mind peeps out seldom,
when i make my kingdom,
if it not comes real,
and life becomes cruel ,
you feel nothing is for me ,
and you bow your knee,
cry and shout ,
as in pain of gout
why , why it happens
only with me my lord,
does anything good ,
or my fate cut by sward ,
room becomes as black hole ,
life creates vacuum in whole ,
darkness blows in light ,
fate escapes after fight ,
sleeping is away from door,
breath wants time more,
but this feeling aggravate,
again and again ,
no one for me and ,
me only for slain ,
one day this thought,
becomes mature ,
and life hangs itself,
not take any lore ,
nothing has a philosophy,
which is away from fallacy,
if nothing is coming,
death is becoming

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