Monday, 28 May 2012


life gets cultural view,
and lives as biological few,
cats and dogs still,
live on the nature ,
and tag them selves as creature ,
but human being is not ready,
to accept this level,
he wants to lead steady ,
and continuous current of culture,
where he represents himself,
a creator of self,
but man made thing ,
how much stable is here,
when we are unstable while,
God is made  everything rare,
but he is fair ,
and he does every care ,
one day you after becoming ,
a pseudo creator of this world,
you try to accumulate ,
but it is not an easy task,
you come under ask,
because time is fleeting,
work is long,
you and me don't know ,
what is right or wrong   ,
and when don't able to complete ,
your scheduled work ,
you always feel a jerk ,
that is nothing but anxiety ,
when you try to be omnipresent,
and get in hand only insufficient ,
way of life as definition of culture ,
and one day you be creator of anxiety,
which was not will of God but your priority

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