Wednesday, 16 May 2012


thousands of planets,
millions of stars,
are in quest of life ,
except this blue planet,
do you now why ,
because it is believed,
that life has come here,
through the sky ,
it is a matter of penetration ,
which gave demonstration,
of life except all planets,
without penetrating the earth
seed cant prove its worth,
it grows after that ,
what everybody feels exact,
penetration is a base
which makes a race ,
every time everywhere,
on the wall , in the sphere,
depth of penetration ,
depends upon education,
what we demand ,
crop, flower, plant or tree,
we dig accordingly,
and get result prudently,
don't hurt at any cost ,
it is brutal and frost ,
penetration makes ,
always a wound,
which leaves a spot ,
and a history ground ,
a star is waiting ,
to increase its rating ,
by the penetration
and wants to be as globe ,
not to take amusement ,
not to be as slob,
who does not want life ,
who does not encompass wife ,
but all these may come ,
you can increase happiness sum ,
by the process of softness,
not a way of harshness,
penetration is unavoidable ,
make it always available
do it after being humble,
avoid it as crumble ,

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