Saturday, 26 May 2012


if you feel distance ,
from your beloved ,
it is an indication of ,
repulsion as two atoms
feel when they come ,
near beyond the limit ,
so if you are worried ,
about such distance ,
don't get worried,
because if you know ,
your intimate zone ,
you can give tone ,
to your relation again ,
so keep away from pain
distance increases attraction,
when you get attention ,
and you write letter ,
it is not better,
it gives you consolation,
when you are in isolation,
distance makes an environment ,
to sleep with dream .
your beloved comes in theme,
the whole day you enjoy,
and burns distance alloy ,
distance is a pain,
when you don't have option,
to revive your relation in inception ,
but a place where distance is indefinite ,
and you have to imagine infinite ,
because life sits in the lap of death,
and distance never finds any birth ,
you ignite as hearth,
no one could help you ,
this distance is not new ,
every one has to travel .
it is irreversible distance ,
which has no maintenance ,
you live with only memory,
it is ultimate distance story .

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