Monday, 21 May 2012


child is the father ,
of man,
child is the incarnation ,
of God ,
child is daily inside ,
the drainage ,
because Goddess ,
lives always at edge ,
child has more option,
he never likes cooperation ,
he is possessive,
child is decisive
child takes birth,
as cipher,
but has option,
of decipher ,
child never likes ,
anyone captures,
the lap of mother ,
he weeps ,
he continuous cries
he becomes angry further ,
he wants whatever,
he sees,
he doesn't care,
 if pocket  frees  ,
child tries to catch ,
moon in the sky,
he takes effort ,
whatever is high,
child takes risk ,
which he sees frisk ,
naughty is a good ,
phrase for the child ,
other than man ,
his action is not mild ,
child is a hope ,
for tomorrow,
child is a rope ,
to get rid of sorrow ,
child is the meaning ,
of a family ,
marriage makes it
very good seemly ,
child is a carrier,
of culture,
we all try to make ,
this sculpture ,
marriage, family ,
kinship all become true,
when a child comes,
and life appears  blue


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