Wednesday, 23 May 2012


A blind smell you ,
what is around new ,
he learns each and ,
every moment by ,
his virtue of smell,
while no one tells ,
sometime girl friend ,
plays a blind game,
but your ear catches,
her smell as tame ,
just search that minute,
when your hand smell,
presence of your beloved,
and you don't want to ,
watch what is evolved,
but whatever you encompass,
make a better time pass,
it is nothing but
a matter of touch ,
which has case history of ,
your spent time with her ,
and that smell is still,
in your heart
which you decipher,
do you know that instance ,
or you have any past ,
when your eyes witnessed,
for the shades of that person,
who was close to you ,
and today he is standing,
away from you but,
his smell tells a story,
through your eyes,
which will pay price ,
smell makes introduction,
which generates induction,
and a pet sits on your feet,
perhaps it is matter of greets ,
when a wolf, loin , having ,
smell of you and leaves you ,
when you are in the cave or jungle ,
it is not less than a jingle ,
smell is a natural source of
relation apart from culture ,
when a new born knows his ,
mother or father as aperture ,
smell tells you all variety ,
of edibles and preparation,
now it is up to to you ,
how to choose among variation ,
smell could make allergy,
or it can give you energy ,
you may feel giddiness,
or it makes you prettiness,
so decide what you like ,
and demand from smell ,
because you may fall ill ,
or it will make you well
it is all about smell

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