Thursday, 24 May 2012


every body knows this fact,
where sun rises ,
that empire is east,
a brave ruler of this world ,
which decides the time ,
and fate of the light,
some times east comes cool,
sometimes it rules ,
sun shines without cloud,
but some day cloud wins
and east feels sin ,
east makes sounds of,
creatures and opens ,
eyes after a long sleep,
kids try to peep,
east has also contrast,
when it sees sun in the lap ,
of west for a while rest,
but it proves again,
for the other side of the globe ,
and west becomes east ,
and the world feel as feast ,
are you able to search east
when you live in the other,
part of the globe which
makes west as east ,
when a lover puts head,
in the lap of his girl friend,
and get a complete rest ,
sun makes a definition best ,
where it as lover resides in,
the lap of the east ,
and it looses its hotness,
and becomes reddish,
how cute love sluggish ,
east or west is an illusion,
actually it is a confusion,
the whole world is free from,
east or the west ,
sun shines at one place,
and darkness be in rest ,
where you see the meaning of rise,
you want to say it as east ,
which puts an idea as priest ,
decides the start of a work ,
east also makes a pace ,
in the morning on the face ,
as a blossom comes ,
after seeing the lover ,
and you want to be discover ,
as east puts off its cover,
after the dark night,
when it finds the Sun ,
and a movement right
do you want to see east,
or you are facing as east

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