Sunday, 6 May 2012


life never runs
it always makes fun ,
and keeps away gun,
when smiles as bun ,
barren land wants water,
and some drops of tears,
come from your eyes ,
after seeing its pain ,
earth becomes wet,
noting but what it gets,
that is only fate ,
where your weeping ,
fulfill someone's will,
and minimize all nil,
and creates an anticipation ,
where a seed gets its fashion,
you don't know what is fate,
you may live in pain
and other receives gain ,
fate is always relative,
it can't be calculative ,
one does an act ,
fate makes it as fact ,
and others move may put
smile or exile on your face ,
still you think that ,
fate you could trace ,
only a path of flower ,
may tell you fate ,
which is helpless,
to grow any rate ,

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