Thursday, 3 May 2012

why is why

When you get life,
other than what you want,
when you want to go ,
but you sit inside the room,
you appear in any examination,
and result is not as your passion,
you want to eat,
you can' use your hand,
a faith lies in your heart,
but someone ditches you ,
you are in clutch of rebellion,
and you want to alive,
life becomes as butchery ,
where one can come ,
but can't go out side ,
a banquet never comes,
a sorrow ritual moves ,
steps are many but,
goal is far behind ,
do you also feel it ,
time to time or,
seldom comes this device ,
and you pay your breath ,
your time or,
what has a price ,
i feel often all,
when I feel calm,
or try to live cool,
an other than effort,
activates itself in my life,
and i become victim of,
circumstances to say ,
why all these happen ,
only in my life ,
what i did wrong ,
or what i do act ,
o almighty listen my voice,
and tell me the fact of,
prophet, Christ who ,
always did good but,
where was happiness,
why not a cozy life,
in their lives ,
when they suffered ,
i am facing the same ,
but why it is ,
i am mere a man ,
why happiness is ban ,
could i try to be ,
or it is other than man ,
what i can ,
when i am hanging between,
super man and man,
and say in dream ,
sought in day and night ,
why happiness never wants,
to sit in my lap,
what is the crime ,
which creates this gap ,
why , why is on ,
will life reside upon .

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