Saturday, 19 May 2012


What is my name,
is it under the ,
frame of fame or,
still in sane ,
you and me ,
he and she ,
I and  my ,
all are thinking ,
why names are shrinking ,
since the time of birth,
we always try to keep,
a name of biological man,
not only a name ,
but also a surname ,
which will our social code,
give a recognition on the road,
we feel satisfy ,
and don't try to cry ,
because in this mortal ,
world when our remain ,
will not be remain but
our name will be retain,
in the form of our children,
who tell my name as father,
seldom as mother
and we see from the sky,
name is still high
in the society ,
it is as high as almighty ,
but all sides of room ,
will not be same ,
sometimes we feel,
ashamed and guilty ,
when name becomes dirty,
by own work or ,
by the work of your ward,
some times you take it soft,
and some times take as hard,
name continues only two or ,
three generations merely ,
i will not be wrong if,
you think just fairly ,
so name is a desire
which lit the fire ,
in mind and act too,
and we make our lives ,
lie animal zoo,
name is only an identity,
which lows your anxiety  ,
and every where you
naturally get a priority
because you are living with name ,
which makes you religious,
Hindu, Muslim christian ,
which makes you caste ,
which makes you country man ,
name decides you cremation ,
name clears your celebration,
name is every thing  ,
name is present
name is future ,
name creates many features ,
name gives the feeling of east,
it makes a sense of west ,
when we take rest,
name generates mobility,
and name makes partiality ,
name is relative ,
but it wants to be absolute,
that is why name one day ,
becomes an institute ,
name gets seat
but it also defeats ,
and wants to retain for eternity,
because name generates affinity,
and when it looses its shade,
and getting everyday fade ,
name becomes hopeless,
and it acquires loneliness,,
now name and fame both,
are going in dark,
nothing is true  and stark ,
name is an illusion ,
name is a confusion ,
name is only smoothness of life ,
which minimizes many hurdles ,
on the path of action ,
and you be happy not n fraction

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