Saturday, 12 May 2012

Girl friend

Life was not at end,
when i got a friend,
it was a special moment,
when i got movement ,
with a Brownian motion,
which was creating ,
a splendid situation,
other than same sex,
opposite enchants us ,
it is natural blink,
not a artificial fuss ,
girl friend is like dew,
across the globe ,
privileged are few,
and i am one of them ,
who is living with,
one of the Jem ,
girl friend gives acceleration,
where i get a passion ,
in life , in work ,
without any jerk ,
when heart feels gloom ,
for weeping no room,
i get shoulder of her,
where all happiness as nectar ,
she reads the language of face ,
and analyse what could she trace ,
all objects which she has ,
render and surrender to you ,
she doesn't get any thing new ,
she finds fair in love ,
whatever she does for dove ,
it is not mere a speculation,
or it is only calculation,
it is a bond of relation ,
other than blood or conjugal ,
it survives with feeling ,
you can say it miracle ,
but girl friend is life's heeling .....


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