Friday, 11 May 2012


cloud bears the load ,
of water,
because of thirst ,
of this earth ,
when it sees drought ,
so it fought with ,
cracks of land,
and tries to wet ,
for generating its worth ,
when body survives,
and its organs drive,
only heart retrieves,
its function by beats,
and body remains heat,
because of blood ,
it produces flood ,
of energy inside,
body goes all the times,
wide and wide ,
it is nothing but friendship,
of blood and heart,
who know call of each other ,
and without making any fault,
they elongate breath feather ,
and remains at thither ,
friendship is the eyelid,
which acts as armour,
of dreamy eyes,
whenever eyes face ,
wind or storm or pain
sometimes these get tired
all round are fired ,
eyelids close these ,
in their lap for hour,
and make a friendship shower,
a body feels fresh and cool,
by using friendship tool ...............

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