Saturday, 17 March 2012

what is life

Nagaland governor.Nikhil Kumar congratulated the Asiatic Society for completing 228 years and said the society, formed in 1784, has come to occupy a premier place not only in the academic field but also in our daily life.
"The Asiatic Society has managed to take focus away from Europe and lay emphasis on Asian countries and the world today recognizes Asia as an economic superpower with developing countries like Japan, China and India in the forefront," the governor said at the two-day seminar on 'Society, Culture and Development: Emerging issues in Nagaland' at Kohima Science College, Jotsoma on Wednesday. The seminar has been organized by the Asiatic Society, Kolkata in collaboration with the anthropology department of Kohima Science College, Jotsoma.
He said the ability to think and the capacity to come up with new ideas is the strength of any society and a country's prosperity and development depends on the culture in the country.
Referring to Nagaland, the governor said, "Nagaland has a history of violence and no society can develop or march towards progress in a violent environment. But, Nagaland has been peaceful for the last few years and I hope the state will soon make its way towards progress, development and prosperity."
Further, the governor underlined various aspects like connectivity, infrastructure, development of rural areas, exploitation of natural resources, agriculture and industrialization, which need to be looked into for the state to develop further. He also urged the people, especially the youth, to aim high and asked them to change their mindset to usher in progressive development.
Additional chief secretary & development commissioner, Alemtemshi said culture, traditions and the existing social order create conditions that foster and hinder the development of the society. He added that developmental initiatives have far reaching impacts on the culture and traditions of the society, which could be negative or positive.

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