Saturday, 9 June 2012



You can't decide,
amongst billion of sperms ,
which will make life
and which will not,
even we don't know,
which one ovum has,
the capacity of life ,
and able to make ,
girl as a mother ,
you also sleep with hope ,
tomorrow will come ,
but how could you firm ,
every day when you ,
go out side ,
or travel in a car, bus ,
and again to rush ,
to your respective destination,
you cant sure to to reach ,
when you fly in plane ,
you will land safe ,
it is quite uncertain ,
your life is behind the curtain ,
you take dinner and supper
how could you say ,
it will act as super ,
we always lead an uncertainty ,
in our every act ,
but it is fact ,
that you don't know result ,
of any type of your work,
some times it gives result ,
some times creates jerk ,
and ultimately you believe on,
the most uncertain philosophy,
God resides in the world ,
because since the childhood,
you have it heard ,
but you never have seen him ,
and to avoid this uncertainty ,
you build a temple , mosque ,
or a beautiful church ,
and try to encompass ,
this uncertain entity ,
to avid your situation pity
you pray but animal not ,
you try to from knot ,
and this uncertainty gives
the birth of splendid creation,
as a symbol faith and trust ,
now God is visible every where ,
but is it fair or have any glare ,
that God is and it is only for human ,
while it is a creator of nature ,
and acts for every feature ,
because man is more uncertain ,
than any creature of this earth ,
he does not know his worth ,
that is why he searches ,
and leads an uncertainty ,
and we get a sanctity ,
in the form of religion ,
in the form of spiritual ,
how good act it is ,
that uncertainty makes ,
so many resorts on this earth ,
where God comes seldom ,
to check all and their freedom ,
but man is still uncertain ,
where is God and,
when it will come ,
that creates a frustration,
anxiety and hesitation ,
to do any work ,
because uncertainty is ,
making man more unstable ,
and he is not able ,
to have patience ,
and fears from silence ,
so to reduce uncertainty ,
every day every moment ,
may is making culture ,
and destroying nature,
animal, air , water , nurture ,
but know he is at verge ,
he is becoming alone ,
without having natural tone ,
an imbalance is coming ,
and this uncertainty again ,
making man uncertain ,
and he is shouting for his rights,
right to life , right to food,
right to shelter , right to health ,
right to education , right to wealth ,
and so many other rights ,
for which he fights ,
man is becoming helpless,
and also shameless ,
because he never thinks ,
that uncertainty is natural ,
it makes life ,not funeral
we should live with it ,
if we want a life fit

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