Thursday, 21 June 2012


it is very common ,
to write or think,
always uncommon,
other than normal ,
and if you are formal ,
people like abnormal ,
love enchants a girl ,
you may get that pearl,
if your behavior is funny,
makes that face sunny,
and romance goes up ,
love prefers madness,
sometimes loneliness,
and seldom sadness  ,
it is all uncommon ,
from the daily routine ,
and when you in sixteen ,
but it may continue ,
after attainment of eighteen,
sex is always natural ,
but it is also unnatural ,
marriage is common ,
miscarriage is uncommon,
when you take pleasure,
without society measure,
it brings unhappy situation,
do you feel any passion,
other than man and woman,
you may live as only human ,
you may taste same sex ,
without paying extra tax ,
it may be  a solution,
but whats about institution,
like marriage and family ,
is it a matter of  ugly ,
why do you want to lead,
and always try to feed ,
this society may go ahead ,
with all types of abnormality ,
do you want to sustain,
with this present world,
or try to make it as curd,
which pushes only formality,
what will happen tomorrow,
only we will get sorrow ,
when humanity be nowhere,
or as trace somewhere,
why we are leading uncommon,
do you want a shaman ,
have you seen me ever ,
joy is absent forever,
i am not male ,
and not a female ,
life takes itself as jail ,
because  i am an eunuch,
should have i not all rights,
right o life , right to dignity,
and right to fraternity  ,
if you have faith on omnipresent ,
you should take me as in present ,
why do you keep me at door step ,
is it not you behavior as step ,
any time any where please ,
give me please as lease ,
and tell me what is my crime ,
why my life can't make rhyme ,
see the bell which rings ,
voice of Chime when sings,
we are also human being,
an uncommon fact before you ,
but my facts are not new ,
accept me as a gift of nature ,
as an uncommon creature ,
other than human being  ,
who will be seeing ,
as an inferior to you ,
not as superior to you ,
we have come in your world,
and i have it heard,
you complete human being,
are benevolent ,
not act as malevolent ,
so develop a bivalent relation,
with an uncommon person,
which may come by  ,
human- humanity insertion 

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