Tuesday, 12 June 2012


when you see ,
number of embryos ,
are lying in the garbage ,
or in the drain ,
what reaction comes
in your prudent brain ,
are these human beings,
or unwanted efforts
which could not take shape ,
it is a cruel hands of culture ,
which makes man as victim,
and not free to live as he wants
or it is an unwanted chase ,
in the womb as phrase ,
which was trying to come out ,
like a beautiful sprout ,
to make another  chapter of life
to know the meaning of labour ,
but culture acts as scrabble,
and sex remains between you ,
and empty womb ,
it makes us other than animals,
who are living with nature ,
and welcome to every creature ,
but we are manager ,
away from the almighty ,
and to lead a cozy a life,
we try to erase every anxiety ,
but what we get from unwanted ,
it is nothing but haunted ,
with our amusement mounted ,
we are not happy with disasters,
so try to become masters ,
and cut the life inside ,
and always try to hide ,
a breath , a life from the world ,
and one day it is heard ,
an unwanted embryo is lying
in the street or in drain ,
ultimately it is lifted by crane ,
we always fight for our rights
but is it right ?
we don't like ay problem ,
and made culture as emblem ,
but we hate from helpless,
who has trust on you ,
and will come out after days few,
should it not shouts for right,
right to life and beautiful night,
how do you know its fate ,
it may be a saint ,
it may be leader who eradicate ,
hunger , violence intricate ,
right to birth should be ,
and right to birth could be ,
if you welcome unwanted ,
all types of rights granted ,
right to faith should come ,
we should live like one ,
and unwanted should be in mind,
when you try to find ,
a moment for fun ,
when breathes run ,
just think about the result,
when you try to melt,
this approach will save someone ,
and will give right to birth to everyone ,
unwanted is not unwanted ,
it is a lesson of humanity ,
which you have forgotten ,
and your behavior get rotten
unwanted is making us savage ,
while we sing civilization phase ,
so don't make  life of cage ,
because unwanted may be a sage 

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